Month: November 2017

Restaurant: Amy Ruth

Location: Harlem

Prices: Very reasonable

Rating from 1-10: 9

So, my bestie was in town visiting and we were already in Manhattan and I wanted to show her what good NY eating is all about, however, I wanted to try a place that was new for me as well. I reached out to a friend who suggest Amy Ruth & I got excited to go because i've always heard about that place. The wait wasn't bad, it was about 30 minutes, considering it was on a Sunday during brunch hours in NYC. When we got inside it was bigger than it looked from the outside. It was 2-story and there were multiple dining areas on the bottom floor so thats why our wait wasn't so long even though the line was long.

What I liked about Amy Ruth was the dedication to significant blacks in todays time and in the past. There were wall murals of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Run DMC and more. The entire menu was named after famous blacks as well which as clever. In addition to the murals on the wall they also played oldies and new school music for you to listen to as you ate.

You got free cornbread & butter as you waited for your food and the food didn't take long to come. I ordered the Michelle Obama which was fried whiting and with most of the menu you got to add two sides. I got mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with cherry koolade :)

The portion was big, none of us finished our food, we all had to take our food to go. What I liked to was a pitcher of the Sangria was $22 and it was big and we didn't finish that either. Usually for a pitcher of Sangria in NYC its a lot more than $22 so I find Amy Ruth to be affordable all around. 

I would highly recommend going to this popular soul food restaurant if anyone is looking for a new place to eat!