What They Think Of You Is None Of Your Business

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Remember when you were in elementary school and your main focus was having as many friends as you could and the moment somebody said “I’m not your friend anymore” you began to cry and feel bad?

Then you went to middle school and high school where you thought you had to fit in by doing things that were considered popular and may not have been your true authentic self 100% of the time?

Then you get into your young adult life when you and your friends start to drift apart not because you have any problems with each other but because life happens. Some friends move away for college, some friends get married ,some friends have kids ,and some friends choose a life path that does not intertwine with yours.

From the moment we are young we have a mindset that tells us to care about what people think and we let what they think affect how we feel about ourselves ...which is where we got it all wrong!

The truth is what other people think of you is none of your business!

Have you ever seen someone whose facial expression may have looked mean but you end up having a conversation with them and they ended up being very cool and down to earth?

Or how about this.. have you ever had someone speak bad about a person to you that you’ve never even met so you have this preconceived idea that the person is a bad person and you don’t like them but you somehow cross paths and they end up being the coolest person?

Oh and I love this one.. have you ever made an assumption about someone or felt like they did something wrong without even fully knowing or understanding what the real story was and automatically shut them out?

Well, this is exactly what people do to you as well. It’s going to happen throughout life whether you like it or not. Instead of trying to figure out why and driving yourself crazy over it you need to mind your own business because their opinion of you which is completely wrong is none of your concern, sis!

If you spend your life trying to figure out why people don’t like you or why people have a negative feeling towards you you will never be happy. Listen, people didn’t like Jesus.. it happens to and and everyone. How you choose to respond to other peoples negativity and misinformation is what really matters. Trust me...hen we worry too much about other people and what they think of us, we do ourselves a disservice. The judgements they hold and their opinions of us often matter more than they should. Clearing out the views of other people will release you emotionally which leads to better mental health.

I'm reading a book called "The Art Of Calm" and what stuck out to me the most was a page that talked about this very topic. It said "You are not responsible for other adults emotional lives. Be as kind as you can be and apologize when you are not. But remember that you are not going to fix other peoples broken pieces"

YOU know who you are. YOU know your intentions. YOU know your character. YOU know yourself from the outside to the core.

Make a promise to yourself from today forward that anyone that brings negativity to your circle or into your space gets removed. It doesn't matter if they are friends, family. or strangers on social media-protect your space at all cost

You and your mental health matter first and foremost and once you start to protect it you will go so far.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people

  2. Take responsibility for Y-O-U. Taking responsibility for you means knowing that no one can make you do or feel anything

  3. Stay in your lane and when you do there will be no traffic =)

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