Saved Up & Well Traveled PT. 1

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I’m sure Travel Bloggers get asked “how do you afford to travel?” all the time! So i’ve made it a bit easier for you to find out all of their trip saving secrets! This ongoing series called "Saved Up & Well Traveled" will have 4 Travel Bloggers at a time sharing one of the ways they save to travel in hopes of inspiring those who say they can’t afford it to SAVE and make it happen.

Travel is not as expensive as most people think. There are certain things you have to do in order to lock in cheap flights and have the money to book. Aside from being flexible with your travel dates, and booking at the right time, having your money ready for when it’s time to book is very crucial.

Let’s see what these four Travel Bloggers, Including myself, had to say about saving to travel.


I use Acorns! Acorns is an app that links up with your debit card and whenever you swipe your card it rounds it to the nearest dollar and saves it for you. For example if I go to the store and swipe my card for $.60 it’s going to round it to $1 and save that $.40 difference. I also have my Acorns account on the most aggressive level so it rounds it to the nearest dollar and multiplies it by three. So, with the same example instead of it saving $.40 for me it would multiply it by three and save $1.20. 

I don’t even notice that the money gets taken out of my account to be honest and it’s a nice surprise to randomly look in my Acorns account and see that i’ve got more money than I thought I did. This is a perfect way for me personally to save for traveling because I don’t notice my money going =)

So far my Acorns account has saved $2,852 isn’t that AMAZING? If your interested in starting an Acorns account CLICK HERE and we will both get $5 when you sign up!



The way I save is by having separate accounts. I have an account for different things but for travel it’s easier to keep a different account which helps me save.

I save a portion of my paycheck in that account and it keeps me focused.

This helped me especially when I traveled full time in 2018. I had a goal of saving a chunk of money and separating my money really helped with that.

At that time I had 2 external accounts. One for travel savings and one for regular savings



The biggest thing that I use to safe to travel is my Digit App i'm not sure if you guys have heard of it but I basically jot down all the places I want to go to with a end date and basically my app withdraws money from my bank towards all of the trips I plan to go to for the year.

It’s pretty cool It withdraws money daily depending on how much I make and then I use that money for my trips and add more if need be. "Take my lil coins.. I love it"



I love love love traveling. My style is luxe-on-a-budget and everyone should know  that travel is within their reach regardless of finances.  Flights can easily be one of the more costly aspects of a trip. So even with points, mileage, and reward credit cards,  I am still always looking for a way to save money. There a lot of travel hacks I am aware of, but one that I have not heard people talk about is the purchasing of gift cards at a discount?

Did you know that there are websites that sell Airline/Travel/Hotel/Uber/Restaurant Giftcards (other than E-bay) at a discounted prices?

Yes! ...You can get a cheaper Southwest Flight and a better price on your Air BnB! This makes a trip more affordable and  now gou have cash for food and/or other activities. 

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Because travel related gift cards are harder to come by I suggest setting an alert to get notified when a particular gift card becomes available . I attached screen shot from two purchases I made in 2014 for a big trip. It was estimated at $700 for two people, but by the time I purchased several gift cards and combined them, I ended up saving about $100. Just Perfect!

I usually opt for the Electronic gift card/voucher, because it is automatic and I like being able to purchase flight/lodging immediately, especially if already at discount price.  Sometimes there are plastic gift cards that are mailed to you. 

I know COVID19 has changed the way we travel. However, now is a great time to take advantage of these savings. In fact, is having a sale now with an additional 10% off already discounted cards so check it out!

Remember to do your part if traveling during pandemic: Social Distance(if possible), wear a mask, and wash/sanitize hands.

-Traveling bronx doc

I hope these tips helped you in some way! If your a blogger reading this and would like to be featured by sharing a way that you save to travel please e-mail me at

Remember guys with the right money moves you can definitely afford to save up to travel! Stay tuned for part 2!