Road Trip Series PT. 4 Domestic Places To Stop In This Summer

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

I have now given you 15 awesome places to visit this summer as you discover things about your own backyard and other parts of the USA. Here is part 4! I'm excited to share with you 5 more places that I found to be beautiful and unique and worth a visit.

Let's jump straight into it! As always guys thanks for coming back each time to read blogs on my Road Trip Series and if you like what you see please like, comment, and share on your Facebook and other social media profiles for others to be able to read and be inspired too!

1.Enjoy The Scenery At Mt Rainier In Washington State

Photo Credit: @Scott_Kranz Instagram

Mt. Rainier is a large active stratovolcano in the Cascade mountain range located 59 miles south-southeast of Seattle. There is so much to do at this national park like hiking, train rides, snowshoeing, spas, lodging, and more! This is a perfect place to bring everyone in the its gorgeous so why not?!

2. Enjoy The Lush Landscape Of The Palouse In Washington & Idaho

The Palouse spreads out across Washington and Idaho which is pretty cool. The Palouse is considered on of the seven wonders of Washington State. It's actually considered by most the most serene and pastoral of the seven wonders. So what exactly is it? It's hills that were formed over tens of thousands of years from wind blown dust and silt, called "loess", from dry regions to the south west. In the spring they are lush shades of green with pretty flowers blooming and when the wheat and barley are young, and in the summer they are dry shades of brown when the crops are ready for harvest.

3. Have A Relaxing Weekend At The Auberge Du Soleil Hotel In Rutherford, CA

Grab your bae and if you don't have one then do a self care weekend at this beautiful hotel in California! Auberge Du Soleil is nestled among a 33-acre olive grove, this luxury Napa Valley resort features an outdoor pool with cabanas, a relaxing health and wellness spa and a fine dining restaurant. I mean all I needed to see was the bathtub outside surround by the beautiful scenery and I was sold! How about you?

4. Stay In A Cave Hotel For A Nice Weekend In Farmington, NM

Talk about unique! This cave hotel has a kitchen and living area in the room which makes for for a great family weekend! The hotel was built into the vertical cliffs of the 60 million year old Ojo Alamo Sandtone. It also overlooks the gorgeous La Plata River Valley about 300 feet below.

5. Check Out Thors Well In The Oregon Coastline

This bottomless sinkhole is located at the edge of the Oregon Coast near Cape Perpetua. It appears to drain water from the ocean but that's not actually what's happening. There is a huge hole in the rock, about 20 feet, that makes it look like its draining the water which makes it pretty cool! Your able to stand pretty close to it which makes it a picture-perfect place to visit.

Please make sure to check if any of these places are open and what the stipulations are. A lot of place are operating with 50% capacity and may have new rules and regulations.

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Until next time guys!