Road Trip Series: 5 Domestic Places To Stop In This Summer

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

So you always travel abroad because your aim is to get out of the USA and actually experience other parts of the world. That totally fine, however, the United States has some unique places to explore. There are gems in EVERY state whether you want to believe it or not and with Covid-19 putting a pause on international travel I'd like to promote domestic travels by showcasing some awesome places around the states.

We are used to seeing very general places in the media like NYC, Miami, and LA for example but there are over 19,000 cities in the USA! This means there are so many places to choose from to explore! This will be an ongoing series so you can get a taste of the different cities and states that the USA has to offer and hopefully open up your mind to domestic travel or taking that road trip you've always wanted to.

1. Stargaze in Potter County Pennsylvania

Due to the exceptionally dark skies around the Cherry Springs State Park the starts shine brightly! This state park in PA was listed in Forbes as one of the best places in the USA to stargaze. This state park is 82 acres and surrounded by the 262,000-acre Susquehannock state park. So, if you like being outdoors then this is for you. Along with the beautiful bright starts you'll be able to see the milky way, planets, astronomical objects, and more!

2. Relax By The Waterfall In Paradise, Michigan

All you have to do is walk about 8-10 minutes to the stairs that lead you to the edge of the beautiful waterfalls! You'll be able to stop at different lookout points and admire the scenery. To get to the top of the stairs its only 120 steps. Not bad right?

3. Visit Badlands National Park In South Dakota

Does this even look like it's in the USA? I bet you would have thought this was some place overseas but this is proof that the USA is just as amazing as anywhere else in the world. At the Badlands National Park you'll find very dramatic landscapes as you can see in the photo above. You'll also witness cool rock formations, scenic lookout areas, a fossil exhibit, steep canyons and more!

4. Take A Swim In Dipping Springs, Texas

This is not Tulum, Mexico guys this is the Hamilon Pool Preserve in Dipping Springs, TX. This 232 acres park has hiking trails, picnic tables, portable toilets, educational programs and more! It's only $15 per vehicle and $8 per adult and kids under 12 are FREE. This is a perfect place to spend the whole day alone or with your family so an affordable price!

5. Chill Underwater in Key Largo Florida

How cool is this? To get into the lodge you have to actually scuba dive 21 feet below the surface of the sea. You'll be diving through the tropical mangrove in the Emerald Lagoon. This is a unique experience and in our very own state of Florida.

These 5 cities in the USA are perfect places to visit if you want to experience something different. You don't have to fly over seas to create new and unique memories.

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