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A Guide to Successful Girls Trips from Jet-Setting Trio The Sankofa Sisters

Picture this: Three adventurous souls, bound by friendship and a shared passion for exploration, exploring over 10 countries together. The laughter echoing through African marketplaces, the shared awe at breathtaking landscapes, and the countless memories etched in the corners of foreign cities we are the embodiment of a successful girls' trip.

While group trips can be incredibly rewarding and memorable, there are several common pitfalls that can hinder their success. We will unravel the secrets to creating the perfect girls' getaway. Whether you're a seasoned wanderer or a first-time explorer, our collective experiences will guide you through the intricacies of planning, navigating, and savoring every moment of your journey.

In this blog, we invite you to join our trio of seasoned wanderlusts as we unveil the secrets to a successful girls' getaway. We're not just talking about ticking off destinations on a map; we're diving deep into the heart of what makes a girls' trip truly extraordinary—the bonds forged, the laughter shared, and the empowering spirit that comes from exploring the world with your favorite companions.

Picture The Sankofa Sisters as your virtual travel buddies, ready to spill the beans on everything from crafting the perfect itinerary to navigating the inevitable highs and hilarious mishaps of the journey. With a collective passport stamped with memories from bustling cityscapes to serene beaches, we're here to guide you through the art of turning a simple vacation into a soul-nourishing adventure.

Let's Hear From Shakespeare

Girls trips are my faaaaav! Who doesn’t love a good getaway with your best gal pals? I sure do which is why I travel with my two bestie sisters all the time and we never have any issues on our trips. Here are a few key reasons how we always have a successful girls trip:

1. Be Flexible

This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to traveling with others because more likely than not, something might happen that causes your plan to change or even be canceled because not everything in life goes according to plan. Flights may get delayed. Hotels might not have your room available. Excursions might get canceled. Emergencies may happen that causes someone to arrive later than planned. There could be a million possibilities. So what do you do? Roll with the punches! Keep an open mind, have a positive attitude and jump into problem solution mode, rather than getting upset. Being flexible with changes means you should also keep everyone’s budget in mind so as not to cause unnecessary spending.

2. Divide The Tasks

Traveling with friends is all about teamwork. No one person should have to plan the entire trip by themselves, therefore, discussing the trip in detail, asking for suggestions and dividing tasks is key. So, maybe assigning one person to find the hotel. Another to look up restaurants and the other to find excursions. Or maybe each person searches for 1-3 places/activities from each category. However you decide to do it allows for everyone’s input to be considered and removes the stress and pressure from one person, even if they’re usually an expert at planning.

3. Coordinate Your Outfits

This is practically a no brainer! What girls trip is complete without wearing matching outfits? It’s super fun and quite frankly, makes for dope social media content that will have everyone wishing they were on your girls trip! So choose a theme color, outfit style (whether it’s a dress, two piece skirt set, swimsuit etc) and slaaaaaay in your fits. We’re girls after all so we gotta stay fly and cute at all times!

Let's Hear From JD

Know who you’re traveling with: we can’t travel with everyone everywhere so it’s important to know if your girls are culture travelers, down for anything or prefer to just relax at the resort by the beach and pool all day. If your girls are down for anything and like a mix of different things, then you already know to expect a jam packed itinerary and constantly on the go (and also being ok if one of your girls isn’t up for a particular activity. We’re all grown and no one is joined at the hip, so do you sis, I’ll see you later for dinner). If your girls are more relax travelers then you know that this isn’t the trip to do everything all at once. Again, we’re all grown, so if you want to slip away for a wild excursion while they are sipping margaritas in the pool, why not.

Budget; this is for you and everyone else. If you know you ain’t got it, then this might not be the trip for you (this time). We all have FOMO and want to be a part of the group but sometimes things might not be what you can handle at the moment and that’s ok. Your girls won’t hold that against you and they’ll see you next time. Now for everyone else going on the trip, know what the vibe is, so that one person isn’t willing to drop $2K on a hotel room and the others are budgeting for more like $500. Once you’re comfortable with your girls you will know whether people are ok with budgeting for a hostel type hotel or for something a little more upscale. Also make sure you know what’s in your pockets. While we don’t mind covering Ubers and dinners, this isn’t just a freebie, we’re doing what’s easiest so we can just settle up at the end.

Collaborate; sometimes it helps to take a chance, a leap of faith and ask for what you want. Travel doesn’t always have to be super expensive but yes sometimes things add up. It is ok to reach out to hotels or activities or even photographers and ask for a collaboration. I mean why not? Shoot your shot and the worst they can say is no. Talk with your girls and see what makes sense to make your ask on. Who knows you may walk away with a yes and saving a few of your coins in the process.

Let's Hear From Queenie

1. Embrace Diverse Travel Styles: Understand and Celebrate Differences

One of the cornerstones of a successful girls' trip lies in embracing the diversity of travel styles within your group. Each traveler brings a unique set of preferences, whether it's the thrill-seeker, the culture enthusiast, or the relaxation connoisseur. Before you embark on your journey, have an open conversation about your individual travel expectations. Finding a balance that accommodates everyone's interests ensures that each member of the group feels engaged and fulfilled during the adventure.

2. Cultivate a Flexible Mindset: Don't Take Things Personally

Flexibility is the key to a stress-free and enjoyable girls' trip. Plans may evolve, and spontaneous opportunities might arise. It's crucial not to take these changes personally. If someone in the group decides to skip a planned excursion in favor of a newfound gem, embrace the spontaneity. Respecting each other's choices fosters a positive atmosphere, allowing everyone to savor the trip in their own way. Remember, the beauty of travel often lies in the unexpected.

3. Financial Harmony: Bring Enough Money and Hold Your Own Weight

Money matters, and being transparent about it from the beginning can prevent headaches down the road. Ensure that each person on the group trip brings enough money to cover their expenses and is aware of the overall budget for shared activities. Money has the potential to strain friendships, so it's crucial that everyone contributes their fair share. Holding your own weight financially not only avoids awkward situations but also fosters a sense of responsibility within the group, strengthening the bonds that make your girls' trip memorable for all the right reasons.

In the end, a successful girls' trip is not just about the destination or the activities you engage in; it's about the bonds you create and the memories you cherish. As you return from your adventure, take a moment to reflect on the laughter, the shared stories, and the newfound closeness with your travel girlies. These experiences are the true treasures of a girls' trip, and they will stay with you long after you've unpacked your suitcase.

So, whether you're planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, remember that the key to a successful girls' trip lies in the combination of thoughtful planning, open communication, and a spirit of adventure. Embrace the journey, celebrate each other, and savor the moments that make your girls' trip an unforgettable chapter in the book of your friendships. Here's to many more adventures and shared smiles on the road ahead!

Check out our photo gallery from some amazing girls trips we took around the globe! Be sure to follow us on social media as well for more content!

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Lisa S.
Lisa S.
21 nov 2023

Great article - super well written I must say! Lol ... but for real, every single point is KEY to a successful girls trip. This is why I love traveling with my Sankofa Sisters - WE get it and it's never stressful. Cheers to many years filled with traveling and creating meaningful and amazing memories!!! ❤️

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