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Exploring The "Big Easy"

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Welcome to the BIG EASYYYY! I only stayed around a small area during my trip but even with just staying in a small area I can confidently say that you won't be disappointed with the food, music, live music, and street art when you decide to visit!

I met someone at a restaurant that gave me some good restaurants to try out while in New Orleans (she's a foodie)and I'm going to share them with you if you're looking for some restaurants to explore from a local.

Here were her suggestions:

Katie’s (mid city) - She highly suggested the oysters


14 parishes (Jamaican)

Whiskey and sticks

Ital garden

Fritai (Haitian )

Botanicals (healthy smoothies)

Tales of the cocktail

Culture Park


The peach cobbler factory

Non restaurant suggestions:

The Blue Nile - If you like live jazz then this is the place to go (you need tickets to purchase tickets)

Book a swamp tour (different companies available)

Take a jazz cruise around the Mississippi River (different companies available)

Here are some visuals from my trip along with information to help you plan your trip:

Jackson Square:

This is a cute little park! It's very lush and good to sit under a tree and eat your beignets from Cafe DuMonde which is right across the street. Behind the park is a popular and beautiful cathedral.

NOLA Murals/Art:

Food In Nola

Restaurant: Morrows

Review: 10/10

Thoughts: It's black owned, the bartender was really cool, they had a happy hour special on drinks and food and the drinks were really good!

Pictured Above: Seafood Platter 8.5/10

Pictured Above: Ramen gumbo 10/10

Nola Alcoholic Beverages

You cant go to NOLA without drinking a hand grenade! You'll see them being sold all around the French quarter! Another drink you'll find a lot are hurricanes!

Restaurant Name: I forgot to be honest lol

Pictured above: Jambalaya with fries on the side! I forgot the name of the restaurant because I randomly walked in there from Bourbon street but you can find Jambalaya in a lot of restaurants since NOLA has a creole and cajun influence!

Royal House Restaurant

441 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Review: 6/10

Thoughts: The food was good but the restaurant could have been cleaner and it was a little pricey!

The dish pictured below is a MUST. It's the Crawfish & Crabmeat Ravioli and it includes:

Jumbo Ravioli Filled With Lobster, Shrimp, Spinach & Ricotta, Topped With Creamy Louisiana Crawfish Sauce And Sautéed Blue Crabmeat

Price: $28

Restaurant: Neyow's

3332 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70119

Review: 6/10 (It would be a 9/10 but I dedicated 3 points for the cleanliness of the restaurant)

Thoughts: The food was good, I loved the music they played, but the wait was too long it was over an hour and my cup was dirty

NOLA Transportation

Instead of using Ubers and Lyfts get a Jazz Pass for just $3 which is unlimited for 24 hours and get to where you need to go! The trolls come frequently and its comfortable and air conditioned. You can purchase the Jazz Pass on the trolly itself. Your Maps/Google Maps will tell you directions using the trolly.

Homewood Suites New Orleans French Quarter

317 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70112

I LOVED the location of this property! It was out the outskirt of the French Quarter and was just a 5 minute walk from the action. I prefer to not be directly in the action because A LOT goes on on Bourbon street and surrounding streets throughout the day especially at night. I think it was a safer option.

Hotel Highlights:



Daily breakfast included

Pool table

They sell bottles of wine

There's an excursion desk to book activities

All rooms have a kitchen including a. dishwasher

BBQ grill outside

What I didn't like:

Housekeeping isn't offered unless you request it 24 hours in advance and you're staying ore then 5 days ...ridiculous!

Overall NOLA is a place full of action but BE careful and be aware of your surroundings!

Like and leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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