6 Keepsakes To Collect While Abroad

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

One of my favorite moments while traveling is checking out the local markets! Thats where I get all of my souvenirs because lets face it, if you wait to buy it at the airport it'll be triple the price.

I love hand crafted items and a lot of different things the locals sell that are specific to that country. My favorite markets so far have been in Marrakech, Morocco. They literally hand make everything from leather bags and shoes to jewelry. I told myself that when I buy my house i'd like for it to have a Moroccan theme...even down to the door (they have the biggest most detailed doors there).

Below I share what I personally collect as well as what 5 other Travel Bloggers collect when they travel! Hopefully this will give you guys an idea of what to start to collect during your future travels!

1. Shot Glasses @flywithqueenie

My souvenirs of choice are *drum roll* shot glasses! Why? because honestly I know i'll find them regardless of whatever country I go to. I'd rather collect something I know every country will have than miss a few countries by getting something a little less common. This is crazy but I rarely ever use them LOL but i'm trying to get better and put them to use sometimes.

"The shot glass i'm holding up is actually my favorite shot glass. My friend got it for me from Egypt and it's gold with pyramids on it..it just looks very royal and I love it! "

2. Currency @Journeywithjo_

"I don’t think I started to collect currency intentionally. It was just a result of being in different places and having leftover money...so every time I come home I dump it all in my travel keepsake box"

3. Keychains @thatmiagirl

"I started to collect keychains because to be honest it was all i could afford at first and they’re small and dainty and i knew it would be something i could literally collect anywhere I go"

4. Magnets

@jetsetters_diary & @mytastefulventures


"Choosing the right souvenir has been something that I’ve struggled with. I’m always looking for something that is practical and won’t be wasteful. I recently settled on magnets to represent each destination that I visit. I love sorting through the different options and finding the perfect one that adds to my travel stories. Magnets are cheap, super easy to throw in my bag, and I don’t have to worry about them breaking when traveling. When I get home, I put them on my refrigerator and get daily reminders of the special memories that I created in each travel destination"


"I collect magnets because I pack so light it was the smallest thing I could buy as gifts and for myself without compromising my bag space"

5. Post Cards @tanakatravels

“In a time where our mail include bills, bills and more bills! I started sending myself and family postcards on my first solo trips. Here I note down my favourite moments, skills learnt and a reminder of how awesome I am! Haha”

6. Fans @leeleetalks

"I love collecting fans from around the world 🌍. Super practical and lightweight item to throw in your travel bag. My favorite fan is from Vietnam because it's a beautiful accessory in photos"

As you can see, we all collect different things for different reasons. Find something thats practical, meaningful, and that you can put to use instead of letting it collect dust.

Regardless of what you decide to collect along your journey it will be a piece of that country that you keep with you forever. Make sure to choose something that reminds you of your travels, and something they can use to look back and reminisce about the amazing experience you had during your trip!

Has this post inspired you to start collecting? Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback at flywithqueenie@gmail.com

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