4 Underrated Countries To Visit

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

We have a few months left until summer is finally here! This is the perfect time to browse Expedia or Orbitz, think about all of the possible places you’d like to explore in the summer, and put in your PTO (if corona acts right that is!). Green and mountainous? Water and relaxation? Nightlife and culture? There are so many destinations to choose from. Everyone has their own travel style and requires different things when it comes to choosing a destination but instead of exploring the places that you tend to hear about a lot why not explore less talked about places?

In a world of social media it’s hard not to get tempted to visit popular destinations like Jamaica,Bali, or Paris (especially when you scroll through your Instagram feed and see your friends living their best lives in those places). You should open up your mind to the possibilities though.

I’ve gone back into my personal travel feed and I also got two underrated suggested places from @tiatakestheworld & @jetsetterjay4 and we came up with 4 underrated places that we have visited that you should book this summer so you can show your friends that they can live their best life in underrated destinations too.

1.Guadeloupe (@flywithqueenie)

Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean island nestled between Dominica and Antigua. With the secluded and clean sunny shores of Guadeloupe you can enjoy your time sunbathing, taking part in water excursions or having a long beach day.

I personally love going to a country where your not being bumped by tourists all around. I wouldn't call Guadeloupe the most popular island to go to and to be honest I never even heard of it before I went, lol. I'm so surprised that it's not more popular than it is because I think it's one of the most lush and beautiful islands I've been to. I'm a huge foodie and the creole cuisine that Guadeloupe has to offer is one you won’t forget. The taste of Porc Colombo, the national dish of the island, will have you buying all of the herbs and spices at the local market. Grab your bathing suit and and chill out by the waterfalls at the Guadeloupe National Park this summer!

2. Oaxaca, Mexico (@flywithqueenie)

If you’re into culture then Oaxaca is a great place to explore, especially as a solo traveler, since it’s one of the safest states in Mexico. Oaxaca is also perfect for those who live history! Of all the states in Mexico, Oaxaca contains more speakers of idigenous language. You’ll also find an archaeological ruins site called Monte Alban amongst many other sites. Throw your textbook away and come see a piece of history for yourself from a different lens.

It's an inexpensive place too so when I was there I paid $4 - $5 for full meals and my car rental for all four days was less than $100! The locals were so nice and welcoming too. They have a night life too and you'll find the cutest rooftop bars filled with lots of happy hour specials. I don't think Oaxaca is filled with tourists like you'll find in other, more popular, parts of Mexico..which is what I really liked about it.

3. Beirut, Lebanon (@tiatakestheworld)

As a traveler, everywhere that i explore is a dream destination. Travel does that to me. It makes the sparkle come out of a destinations “eyes”. It gives me a boost of energy and an unreal natural high. And, although each location holds a special place in my heart, there are some destinations that just don’t do it for everyone else.

One of the most underrated destinations that I have visited that needs more attention is Beirut, Lebanon. It has everything a traveler would need; culture, good food, fun activities and my fave NIGHTLIFE.

I think that a lot of destinations are underrated because of its location and lack of Instagram popularity but Beirut definitely should has that IT factor. It just has yet to be honed in on.

When you travel there, you can experience mountainous regions, city or beach life. I loved that my friends and I were able to stay near the beach, explore the city nearby and drive 20 minutes for a mountainside experience.

We took advantage of the cultural richness of the city by visiting the famous grottos & historical statues “The Guardian of time” and “Our lady of Lebanon”.

Beirut also has a very deeply rooted food history and you can have a taste of their traditional foods on literally every corner and it is drool worthy!!

My favorite daytime activity was taking the telefrique cars over the tops of the mountains and viewing Beirut from the most breath taking angle. It was absolutely amazing. And as a self named “turn up travel queen” I enjoyed taking the night by club, lounge and bar hopping in their downtown area.

Most people have never heard of Beirut or toss it to the side as a boring Middle Eastern city but as an experienced traveler, nothing is further from the truth. If you are ever looking to visit a destination that isn’t on the IG “MUST VISIT” list, try out Beirut, Lebanon, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


4. Geneva, Switzerland (@jetsetterjay4)

Geneva is a beautiful city that I don’t think is given enough credit. First and foremost we

have to give it up to Geneva for birthing The World Wide Web (www). Yup, the web browser

we use today is all thanks to a British scientist working at CERN in Geneva. The city is filled

with rich history that tells tales through its architecture, food, and culture. I love that Geneva is

big enough to give big city vibes yet small enough not to be overwhelmed by them. It’s a great

destination if you only have a few days of vacation but want to go to Europe. The city can be

toured and experienced in about 3 days (4-5 if you're thorough).

While exploring, you’ll find that Geneva has remnants of other cities you might be familiar with such as Paris, London, and Londres (pretty fascinating if you ask me). It won’t give you the full experience of those cities; but it is definitely an introduction to wet your palate and get you excited to visit them!

Lake Geneva is a must! The lake is on the north side of the Alps, shared between Switzerland and France. There you can enjoy the beach, Jet d’Eau, and even a vineyard among other things. You’ll get to sharpen up on your French as it is the official language of the city. Not to fret, most people do speak a second language with English being among them.

Geneva is an ideal location for day trips. It's about a five hour drive to Paris, an hour drive to

Zurich, a four hour drive to Milan, and about a six hour drive to Nice. Not interested in a road

trip? Geneva is a two hour flight to most European cities making it an ideal destination to Euro

trip! Another noteworthy attraction that draws people to Geneva is skiing. The beautiful

mountains double as magnificent scenic views and a destination for winter sports.

Geneva is truly a worthy destination. Getting the most out of your trip there really depends

on the type of experience you are hoping to gain. If you need some ideas of things to do while

you're there, check out Top 10 Things to Do in Geneva, Switzerland .You will find a list of the

top 10 Things to Do in Geneva.

- Jillisa S. A.K.A JetsetterJay


We hope that we have inspired you even just a little bit to go out there and explore some areas you've never thought about visiting before. Guadeloupe, Oaxaca, , Geneva and Beirut, Lebanon are places you won't regret. If you do decide to visit any of these places feel free to reach out to us to get recommendations! =)