Sis, You Need To Visit Vermont!

I decided to go to Vermont because I don't discriminate ill go anywhere I've never been...why not? Upon research I saw that Vermont had the most beautiful breathtaking fall foliage in the US and maybe even the world! I was drawn in immediately and had to book! I'm in NYC so the flight was super short it was about 45 minutes. By the time we were served snacks via jet blue the captain was making the announcement that we were about to land - my kind of trip!

I had a wonderful time in Vermont and i'd like to encourage everyone to explore the US. We have 50 entire states to choose from and if you low on cash hop on a bus and go to a surrounding state. In case you needed a little more convincing here are 4 of my top reasons to visit Vermont.

1. Food

I never thought that I would be proclaiming that VT has some of the best food i've had but seriously everything I had was delicious! Heres my theory on why...everyone has a farm out there so they raise their own animals and grow their own crops. Whatever they eat are organic and fresh which means it taste better! I literally had the best organic VT bacon at the Burlington Airport! I wish I had more time there I would explore more of the hottest food spots.

I was told to try the cider donut while there and I thought it was going to be hyped up but it was AMAZING! They make it fresh so when you buy it its hot. I washed down the donut with fresh apple cider juice and I had to drive back and get another donut and another juice lol!

2. The Views Are Breathtaking

Everywhere you turn its like a different painting! I pulled over randomly quite a few times in amazement of how pretty the scenery was. Im sure you'll be doing that a lot too if you opt to rent a car. I would imagine that the fall foliage especially at its peak would be even more spectacular! This was my favorite scenic view of the entire trip and the photo doesn't even do it justice whatsoever. I did NOT want to leave this gorgeous lake but my shoes were getting soaked because of the snow

3. The People

The people were so friendly! Now i'm not gonna lie...before going to VT I was nervous because its a predominantly caucasian state and I can feel uncomfortable at times in the US in those areas. Luckily, those feelings went away fast because everyone was so nice and helpful! While trying to get to the cabin there was snow on the road and my car would not accelerate. Every time I would step on the gas hard the car would swerve and not friend and I were so scared because it was getting dark and there was no one around. It reminded us of a horror movie scene lol! We saw two young guys walking down the street and when they passed us they saw that we were stuck and offered to push the car while we step on the gas...after a few tries it didn't work. They told us to reverse and then just step on the gas hard and go for it....we buckled up and went for it and were at the cabin a minute later =) This is just one out of so many other people that were nice, started conversation, and it was all genuine.

4. The Vibe

Now I don't know about you but I live in the city and with living in the city comes the hustle and bustle, noise, crowds, and a lot of times stress. Vermont was the exact opposite! I think as humans when we are in a city environment it can play a part in our mental health so taking time to get away to a place that's quiet, scenic, no crowds, and lots of nature is what we need. It was a breath of fresh air to be in Vermont, in the mountains, relaxing while disconnecting from technology.....when was the last time you did something like this? I bet it felt amazing!

Now that i've explored VT and know that its a 45 minute flight I will be returning next year during the peak foliage season for a different experience and I already can't wait. The US is very exciting to explore. International travel is amazing but so is domestic. Do not let social media dictate where you travel and what you deem to be "real traveling". Do you! I hope you all give Vermont a chance =)