3 Reasons I Chose Aguadilla

I had Jet Blue points to use so I decided to spend some of my points and head to Puerto Rico. I chose to go to Aguadilla for these reasons:

1. Its not jam-packed with tourists

Pictured Above: Surfers Beach on Cliff Road

Pictured Above: Surfers Beach on Cliff Road

Pictured Above: Gozalandia Waterfall in San Sebastian (40 minutes away from Aguadilla)

As you can see as BEAUTIFUL as both the beach and waterfall was there was one 2 people in my waterfall photos and no one in the beach photos! Dont get me wrong I love big cities, they have a lot to offer that small cities don't, BUT i'm not a bandwagon traveler...meaning i'm not just going to go where I see everyone traveling to. There really are hidden gems in places that are not big cities. Sometimes I want a relaxing, slow paced environment, without 10 thousand people in my photos, you feel me?

2. Delicious Food & Drinks

You'll obviously find the same food in Aguadilla as you would find in San Juan. I would imagine it to be a little bit cheaper because its not as touristy as the big city. I can not complain about the food...it was delicious! Here are some of the things I ate and drank while there:

If there is one recommendation I could give anyone going to Aguadilla it would be to go to the Alta Mar Pirate Canteen....omg the best mixed drink I EVERRRRR had. It was the blueberry coconut martini! The line is gonna be long but its so worth it...thank me later! ($5)

There are tons of bars along the strip of the beach by the Alta Mar Pirate canteen. This is a mojito I had at an upstairs outside bar....it was good. Puerto Ricans make the best Mojitos! ($6)

Sal Del Mar Restaurant - You can not go to Puerto Rico and not have Mofongo! It originated there an its SOOOOO good! ($14)

Sal Del Mar Restaurant - Im obsessed with Empanadas so literally everywhere I went I had it and with EVERY meal lol U can't go wrong with Empanadas!

Red Snapper! I Cant remember the name of the restaurant I went to for this but they allowed u to choose the fish yourself and they then weigh it and cook it how you want them to. I chose to have it fried. ($25 with 2 iced teas)

You'll find fresh fruits if you drive around the island and see little carts on the side of the street. You can get freshly squeezed juice as well! ($3 juice)

Head to a bakery! Try out their local baked goods! Thats one of my must do things while traveling. This time I got a carrot cake =)

I was very surprised to see adult beverage pouches at their convince stores, lol, I was happy to see rum punch...my fav! They have wine as well and are $3 each

3. Its A Colorful, Beautiful, & Happy Place

Colorful homes EVERYWHERE =)

I love artwork so Aguadilla didn't disappoint!

This abandoned plane was pretty dope! Upon research I still dont know how it ended up here lol! There no exact address for it sorry guys! Check online!

This photo sums up Aguadilla....beautiful and relaxing!

Aguadilla Tips

Rent a car! If you don't know how to drive this may not be the place for you to explore. I honestly don't remember seeing any taxis

Bring sunscreen its hot!

It's not far from San Juan...so do a day trip and experience both. Its only an hour and a half away

Seriously try Mofongo and the Mojitos at the Pirate Canteen

Connect with locals for local places for night life. We met a local who showed us more parts than what we could have discovered on our own

Interested in staying at the airbnb I stayed at? DM or email me it was in a perfect area!

There is an ice skating rink and water park..I didn't get to do either but they are fun things to do!

Check out the Light House ruins...i love archaeological sites!

They have a Museum of Art if you love art

There is a food truck park with fooooood! If your a foodie its a must!

If you have specific questions please feel free to DM or email me