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Colombia is a vibe P.1

I have a birthday tradition where I can't be in the USA for my birthday, lol, so after much back and fourth and changing my mind so many times and annoying my friends (hehe) I finally chose to go to Cartagena, Colombia. I went for five days and I found a very good deal with Spirit airlines. I paid:

$147 NYC -FL - Cartagena

$288 Cartagena - FL - NY

Spirit is the ABSOLUTE worst!

The entire day leading up to my flight that night I kept getting emails from Spirit delaying the flight further and further. When I get to the ticket counter asked the Spirit rep if the flight was still scheduled to leave that night she assured me it was. Long story short they end up cancelling ALL of their flights including ours and the next flight out wasn't going out until Sunday!

Their excuse was the weather conditions, but, other airlines were flying out so their excuse didn't add up. Thank you to Jet Blue Airlines once again for saving the day! We booked a flight with Jet Blue for the following morning. With the full refund Spirit gave us we ended up spending $191 extra! With that being said i'm not flying Spirit anymore unless its a short domestic flight. PERIODT

I do want to mention that we saw the singer Akon outside waiting on an Uber and he was really chill and took a photo with us!

Before going to Colombia here are some important things to know:

Currency - Colombian Pesos

Conversion - $1 USD would be equivalent to approx. 3,439 Colombian pesos

Some website I used to set up my itinerary was: Viator.com, Getyourguide.com, Cartagenaconnections.com, uncovercolombia.com

Cooking classes are a must

We finally made it to Cartagena and we had two chefs coming to our Airbnb to start our time off in Colombia with an authentic Colombian dish! This was a hands on session and we were able to make the empanadas. Surprisingly the guava and cheese empanadas were really good! I didn't think I would like it because I didn't think cheese and guava would mix well but it was DELICIOUS!

For me having a chef is very important because I like to imitate dishes I have while I travel when I get home. If you'd like to book the chefs I used please let me know and I can schedule it for you! (flywithqueenie.com)

Pictured above: A vinegar cilantro dip for the empanadas - a Lulo (popular colombian fruit) mojito - the making of the empanadas - our finished chicken, cheese, and guava and cheese, empanadas - our finished overall dish (pan fried snapper, plantains, coconut rice). Since we are talking about food lets jump straight into the mouth watering food I had in Cartagena

Colombian food is DELISH

Colombia is now the second best country with the best food that i've been to! I mean everywhere we went we had the BEST food! My mouth is getting watery just thinking about the food lol. I had fried snapper every day while there and they have the BEST juice! If and when you go please try their limeades from the street vendors, I promise you won't regret it! All of my meals were between $5 - $10 USD excluding the drinks and if I ordered an appetizer. Colombia is the cheapest country i've been to so far especially for the quality and type of food they provided. Check out all the food I had in Cartagena!

Chiva Party bus

After we ate the food that the chefs made the first night we got prepared to head to a party bus that’s pretty popular in Cartagena called "Chiva Bus".

I really didn't know what to expect but I know it would be very different from the type of party bus we experience here in the states. When we get to the area where all the party buses were I noticed all the colorful party buses with music blasting and people dancing.

The party bus has no door so you just pull yourself in, have a seat, and get ready to drink and dance. It was US $19 and it was for four hours and you got unlimited Colombian rum, Pepsi, ice, and a cup. They played Spanish music mainly but they threw a little hip-hop in since they knew we were American. We made a stop for about 45 minutes where the locals tried selling us things and we got complementary finger food like empanadas.

At the second stop they took us to a club and we decided to head home from there rather than spending the last hour on the party bus because we had a long travel night and day and we wanted to relax for our next activity the following morning. Would I recommend this party bus? Absolutely!

Interested in using this same Chiva bus company on your trip to Cartagena? Here'd the link to purchase your ticket:


My Colombia blog will have 3 parts because I feel like I did so much and would like share it all with everyone! "Part 2 Birthday Slay" will be published soon! Stay tuned and enroll in my subscription to get alerts on when my new blogs are published!

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