Travel Chat Repeat

The title of this blog is the title of my new podcast! Travel Chat Repeat came about because discussions are always a healthy way to share opinions and open your self to understanding another persons viewpoint. My travel squad and I are always chatting about travel related news, countries to visit, flight deals and more so I figured why not create a podcast and share my thoughts to the world.

What you’ll expect with Travel Chat Repeat:

  1. Discussions from myself and special guests. I like to hear the perspective of men as well as women so there will be a mixture of men and women during discussions

  2. Relevant topics that are interesting and sometimes controversial

  3. A consistent schedule so you’ll have something to listen to on a consistent basis

  4. A chance for listeners to submit topic suggestions

In addition to my Travel Blog Instagram page ( @flywithqueenie ) I would like to have a second platform that creates inspiration to those who want to travel.

Thanks for the continuous support to everyone who have always supported my projects! Stay tuned for the first episode dropping Fall or 2019!