Aging Like Fine Wine

Aaah, another year of life! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to say I’ve lived to see another year. 2019 has been pretty good and I cant really complain. I’ve been blessed beyond measures. When I say blessed i'm not even talking about materialistic things i’m talking about being blessed to have good health, my loved ones alive, I have a place to rest my head at night and food to eat, and more. As always I always learn more about myself and learn life lessons the older I get and i’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve learn throughout the past 12 months

1. Keep toxic people AWAY

“Until You Let Go of All the Toxic People in Your Life You Will Never Be Able to Grow into Your Fullest Potential. Let Them Go so You Can Grow.” – DLQ

Have you ever had a situation happen and you had a fallout with someone and people automatically believe the other persons version of the story rather than hearing both sides or simply keeping the situation out of their business since it’s not their business anyway? Well, KEEP those people away. If someone will automatically make assumptions about you well guess what..that’s toxic behavior and energy that you don’t need around you. How I look at life is the only opinions that matter are of those who REALLY know me.

Toxic behavior comes in all forms so its really good to be observant with people to make sure their intentions are good. Family is not exempt. Some other signs of toxic behavior is: Constant Judgement, persistently unreliable, a lot of narcissism, and someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

Another thing to remember is there are people who are NOT really rooting for you and DON'T want to see you achieve things! Here are some patterns to look for in a person who's a low key "hater" :

1. They never congratulate you on your success/achievements

2. Only get in touch with you when they want something

3. Unappreciative of the things you do

4. You don't feel good about yourself when your with them

5. They talk about you behind your back

2. Keep people CLOSE who make you happy

"Whoever is happy will make others happy"

I'm a travel blogger so I naturally mingle a lot and am very social BUT don’t mistake that for thinking I have loads of friends. I have a small handful of people I actually consider friends and there are some pretty consistent qualities that they have that allow us to stay friends and they are:

They actually take time out to get to know me. In my opinion you can only make an opinion about me that actually matters if you know me..behind the layers. They are consistent with their personality and actions. They are reliable. They inspire me in may ways and push me to keep going whenever I have something I really want to do. They don’t judge me. They show genuine support. They are always positive. They keep it real with me when I need advice or their opinion on something and never really disappoint. You may feel obligated at times to keep people close even though they don't really make you happy like if they are a family member or co-worker but you DON'T have to. Keep them at a distance...far away so the negative vibes they bring won't contaminate your circle.

3. Spend your time wisely

"People who use time wisely spend it on activities and people that advance their overall purpose in life"

Time is of the essence and it's one thing you can not get back. Spend time with the people who deserve your time because tomorrow isn’t promised. I can't give my time to everyone because i’m just one person so if I actually make time for you it means prioritize people the way you see fit!

Find a talent and invest time into your own gifts that you were blessed with. I don't believe in working and putting in hours to make someone else's dreams come true without even working on your own. Think about where you work...someone had a dream of building a facility like where you work and you are a worker in that facility making that persons dream become a reality. What about your own dreams and aspirations though? I'm constantly working on new projects and I love to keep myself busy because I believe in my abilities to succeed. I believe I am worth putting time into myself, how about you?

4. Growth is beautiful

"Don't go through life, grow through life." - Eric Butterworth

Growth is such a scary but beautiful thing. I notice my growth more when i'm in certain situations. How I react is totally different than how I would have reacted in previous years which is amazing. I've started to listen to uplifting podcasts, network with people who were already at a point in their entrepreneurship life where I aspired be, and watching youtube videos that teach me a variety of different things. In order to grow you have to surround yourself with certain people and feed your mind the right things. I find that I listen to rap less and less and more 80s, reggae, r&b, and music in general that gives me a positive vibe and makes me feel good.

Here are 5 additional ways to help with growth:

1. Love yourself

2. Forgive

3. Be openminded

4. Discover things

5. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are

6. Self reflect

Im ready to see what this next chapter in my life has in store!

I'm proud of the woman i'm becoming!

Happy Birthday to me! Cheers!