Guadeloupe - Best Trip Yet!

I never heard of Guadeloupe before! It wasn't until going to Martinique in December where I learned of Guadeloupe because just like Martinique its another French Caribbean Island owned by France. I was a bit more excited for Guadeloupe than Martinique because this time I was going to be renting a car which ultimately means a better experience.

I flew with Norwegian Airlines who often has specials to Guadeloupe as well as Martinique. I flew for $79 there and $120 back...what a STEAL! Unfortunately, Norwegian will be canceling routes to both Martinique and Guadeloupe as of March 30th. Other airlines charge 3-4 times the price of Norwegian to visit both countries so I won't be going back any time soon. Im very happy I got to see both countries because this Norwegian decision was implemented.

Car Rental:

Company - SixT

Price - 301 Euros for 4 days

Brand - Renault

I kid you not, we drove up and down the island and the gas only got as low as half tank! I looked it up when I got home and can you believe the car gives you 74 MPG?!?! Heres the kicker...this car is not allowed in the U.S.! I wonder why?? The United States main aim is to make money. The less miles per gallon in our cars the more we spend on gas. I was looking up the vehicle when I got home because I wanted to consider buying one ...but I guess that wont work out.

Guadeloupe is not an island like Jamaica or Islands where they cater to tourists and have taxis everywhere so honestly if you don't have a vehicle you're making a bad decision. Driving in Guadeloupe is extremely simple. Theres really two main roads with no stop lights just roundabouts. Driving is as simple as it gets there and what's even better is they drive on the same side as we drive here in America. When it was time to fill up the tank from half tank back to full we put 7 Euros each in (there were four of us) and it filled back up

BE CAREFUL with driving in Guadeloupe. I ended up getting a ticket emailed to me when I got home and going 87 KM in an 80 KM zone. It was 45 EUROS and I was told from someone who lives there if you don't pay it within 7 days it can double. I ended up paying it the day after I got the email.


Property Type - 2 Story House

Bedrooms - 3

Bathrooms - 2

Location - Basse-Terre

The House we stayed in was so cute! It was the cutest rental I've stayed in. It was more in the country side which was fine to me because country means better views. The house was located on a hill where we got the best view of the sunset as well as great views of the ocean. The only downfall of staying in Basse-Terre is that it was an hour and 15 minute drive from the airport and from the city city part of the island Pointe-A-Pitre. I wouldn't have changed a thing though I didn't mind the scenic drive and I would recommend staying in that area if you love nice views.

Catamaran Snorkle Cruise:

Purchased from -Trip Advisor

Price- $67.50

Length - 4 Hours (tell em Queenie sent u)

I loved the Catamaran boat ride. It took us through the island and we got to see a bird reserve on Christopher Island. We stopped where the water was such a pretty clear shade of blue to snorkel. They provided the snorkel equipment as well as floaties. I brought my portable speaker in case they didn't have music which they didn't and bumped my reggae and hip hop! When we got back on the boat they had juice and rum punch for everyone and we stopped at a little island where we got to relax for about 30 minutes before departing. As we sailed around the country the worker would give us background history of where we were and it was really informative.


Guadeloupe had more nightlife than I expected. We ended up going to a place called Little New York because we wanted to hear reggae, dancehall, and hip hop. We got there after dinner which was a bit too early. Most people didn't start coming until 11:30. The music was really good and the vibe was good too. Little New York is in Le Gosier and its next to two other bars in case you want to hop around. Here are some other places to check out:

-Brasserie De La Lezarde

-Blueberry 5

-Zoo Rock

-Kama Club

-Little New York

All of the places mentioned are in or around Le Gosier


The weather in Guadeloupe was nice and not too hot. The best times to go to Guadeloupe is between December and May as its not as hot as the other months. Keep in mind it gets COOL at night time. I had to wear my light sweater that I brought with me and close the windows. We were by the water so it was probably cooler by us than in other parts plus it was windy a day or two that we were there so made it feel cooler. Dont forget your sunscreen! I ended up getting sunburned on my shoulders because I forgot to put in on. I didn't really have any issues with mosquitos until the last night when we went out to dinner. I saw some flying around our table and i noticed bites the next day so definitely bring mosquito repellent.

Guadeloupe Food:

The food in Guadeloupe was really good I didn't taste anything bad the entire time I was there. The national dish is Colombo. I had it the second night I was there and it pretty much tasted like curry seasoning. You'll see bottles of Coconut punch around the markets and served in restaurants so if you like cream drinks like Baileys then this is the perfect drink for you. I wanted to buy bottle or two and bring it back home with me but I came with a carry-on bag so it wouldn't have worked out, unfortunately. Here are some photos of some of the food I ate while on my trip. MY favorite was the Black creole rice with the Colombo chicken! Keep in mind that when you go to Guadeloupe businesses are either completely closed all day on Sunday or they close very early. A lot of businesses close on Mondays and Tuesdays as well so make sure you have save food for Sunday earlier in the day. We ended up finding a food cart where we got pizza from on Sunday since we couldn't find a restaurant open.

Guadeloupe National Park

Get your hiking shoes on and bring sun screen! We wanted to hike to a waterfall so we decided to chase waterfall at the National Parl. The ride to the National Park was the most beautiful drive I've ever done. I cant tell you how many time I said "wow". It was absolutely breathtaking! There are 3 different trails you can hike but it's important that you get there in the morning because they close the trails pretty early. After a long hike we made it to the beautiful waterfall. the water was ICY cold so its best to just jump in rather than going in by inch in like I did, lol. Here are some photos from the waterfall!


I had a BLAST! This was my best trip thus far. This place is too beautiful to be so underrated. I highly encourage everyone to visit there at least once. The people were extremely nice, the weather was beautiful, the food was good, and its SAFE! What more could you ask for with a vacation destination? If you want more questions answered about Guadeloupe feel free to email me at