Martinique..The land of flowers

I'm gonna be honest I never heard of Martinique but when Norwegian had the amazing deal to fly from New York to Martinique for less than $100 each way I booked IMMEDIATELY! I don't pass up good flight deals like that, plus, its cold in NYC so why not escape to paradise?

Flight Details

-Airline: Norwegian

-Aircraft: A simple aircraft..nothing tv or anything but it did at least have free wifi. When you turn on your wifi and connect to the Norwegian free wifi nothing pops up to have you connect so it won't work unless you go to (thank me later)

-Flight time: It took about four hours to get to the Forte-De-France airport

-Bags: I packed a backpack and had my tripod as well but in case you plan to have a carry-on bag with Norwegian just make sure you don't exceed 20lbs because they do weigh them..(or do what I do and get your ticket at the kiosk to avoid the rep at the counter who will weigh your bag)

Getting to Trois-Ilets

We landed around 6:30 PM and got outside around 7PM. We split a cab with two guys who were waiting on a cab to take them to the cruise terminal which is next to the ferry dock. We paid 15 Euros for that 20 minute drive. Once we got to the ferry we paid 5 Euros for a 10 minute ride to Trois-Ilets. Our hotel was about a 10 minute walk from the marina. The ferry is 5 Euros each way or 7 Euros round trip. It goes goes to a few places around the island and has a bathroom on board.

Planning to take the ferry? Heres the schedule:

Karibea Camille Residence Hotel

I chose to stay in Trois-Ilets because its considered the resort town and since I don't speak French I felt comfortable being in a tourist area to be around English speakers.

Price: $250 for 4 nights and 3 days

Location: The area was quiet, safe, and on a hill so the view was amazing. The hotel has a pool, wifi, AC, balcony and you can pay $10 Euros for breakfast as an option

Food The food in Martinique is what you will usually find in the Caribbean like fish, codfish fritters, and tropical fruits.

This is a Creole tastes better than it looks trust me lol. In Martinique, the two most popular types include Boudin Creole and Boudin Blanc. One is made from pork, pig's blood, onion and other ingredients, whereas the latter is a white sausage made from pork without the blood.

Colombo de Martinique is a curry traditionally made from lamb cooked in coconut milk, ginger and Colombo powder. Today I tried fish seasoned in the Colombo mix and squeezed a little lime on top and it was sooooooo good! If you're ever in Martinique give it a try..after IS the national dish of the country

BKB Fast Food Restaurant

Catamaran Ride

By my captions on my Instagram page you probably already know that Catamaran rides are my favorite excursion. I paid $85 EUR which came out to $96 USD for an 8 hour all-inclusive Catamaran ride around Martinique. The Marina was a ten minute walk away from the hotel and boarding started at 8:30 AM with a 9 AM sail. You can either pay with cash or card you can not prepay online. We went to three attractions around the country. We had 3 opportunities to swim and snorkel (they provide the snorkel equipment), we had a 3 course meal, and unlimited juice and rum punch.

Diamond Rock

Before I go to a country I like to read up on it and gain knowledge about its history. What I'm looking at is "Diamond Rock". It gets its name from its shape of its peak & how the lights reflect on its sides at certain times of the day. While France and the English were at war in the early 1900’s Diamond Rock was a strategic point for shooting cannons. It looks way bigger in person compared to my photo & you can also go diving around the rock!

Interested in going on this exact Catamaran cruise around Martinique? Check out their Facebook page click here.

I think the Catamaran ride was worth the 85 EUR because of the fact that it was 8 hours long, you got to snorkel with equipment provided, and it was all inclusive. I've been on Catamaran rides that were more expensive with no meal included. The company was great I chatted with the worker prior to going to Martinique and he even helped me when I needed assistance around the island.

Anse Caffard

This was the number one place in Martinique that I wanted to go while on my trip. Whenever I travel somewhere if they have some sort of Slave history museum, monument, tour..I'm there!! What better way to learn about the history of your people than with traveling? High on a hill in southwest Martinique are 20 white stone effigies, silently facing Diamond Beach and the Caribbean Sea. They commemorate an 1830 catastrophe when a slave ship failed to properly anchor in Anse Cafard and careened into Martinique's Diamond Rock Mountain, killing many of the passengers and sailors as well as the slaves who were chained to the cargo hold..RIP to these innocent souls

Dont forget to:

-Download Google Translate if you don't know French

-If you plan to do something on Sunday double check and make sure its open since most places are closed on Sundays

-Get Euros

-Get a round trip ferry ticket instead of one way..its cheaper

-Sun screen (it gets hot in the day and cool at night)

-If you don't rent a car make sure to order a taxi in advance as they are limited

-I didn't get to go to the Botanical Garden but YOU should go! I heard its amazing!

-Tipping is not expected in Martinique

-They drive on the same side as us here in the your car rental in advance if you want automatic as they aren't many of them for rent

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting Martinique ESPECIALLY if you live in NYC..its so cheap why not? Even for a weekend escape. If you have any questions about Martinique please free to email me at and ill be more than happy to help you!