4 Travel Websites & Apps You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

There are tons of apps and websites out there dedicated to travel. We are so used to hearing about the popular apps and website like Google Translate and Airbnb that we tend to overlook the smaller ones. The truth is there are TONS of really good apps and websites out there and its probably worth your time to look into them.

Lets get right into it! Here are 5 apps/websites that are pretty cool and may be worth downloading and/or visiting and seeing it it works for and can be useful to you:

1. www.inspirock.com

If your not the planner type I would suggest using this website. It's pretty simple and straight forward. You simply put in your destination and the dates your going and you choose what type of trip your trying to plan. Some of the options they have are as far as activities is culture, romantic, outdoor , wildlife and historic sites just to name a few. You can also choose if you want a slow, medium, or face paced itinerary so they can really try to customize the best trip for you. Planning trips if your a first timer can be a bit intimidating but Inspirock relieves a lot of the stress that can come with trip planning.


This app is perfect for if your traveling abroad or even living in a place like NYC where you have no idea where a free public restroom is. I don't know about you but i'd rather not pee my pants and embarrass myself and the Flush app makes things a lot easier when it comes to finding a bathroom. This app is simple you put in your location and it shows you all of the bathrooms next to you and if you need wheelchair access or it requires a key to get in.

3. Dayuse

This is one of my favorite apps! Have you ever had a long layover or maybe flew with Spirit and they canceled the flight and the next one was hours away (yes I threw shade lol) and your wishing you had a bed to sleep for a bit and a place to shower? Well Dayuse may have answered all of your prayers! Dayuse allows you to book hotel rooms for a few hours for a fraction of the price since you wouldn't be occupying the hotel room for the entire day. Next time you want to get away from napping on the germy Airport chairs or floor just open up Dayuse and see what hotel offers there are!

4. Wifi Map

I love staying connected wherever I go especially for emergency purposes! Wifimap allows you to see all of the wifi hotspots around you. It also provides the password to secure wifi connections based on users who have already used that establishments wifi connection before. Perfect app to always allow you to bless your Instagram followers with your amazing travel pics, lol!

I hope you enjoyed these four suggested travel tools to help you as you continue to travel the world. Do you have more travel websites or apps that you feel are really helpful? I would love to hear it so follow me on instagram @flywithqueenie and send me a DM!