Guide: Planning Group Trips

You can probably guess already that I prefer traveling with friends than traveling solo although I’ve traveled solo before. The biggest complaint I hear when it comes to group travel is that everyone says yes they want to go but when its time to send the money they are no where to be found. Ive experienced this before God blessed me with reliable travel loving friends! I find it to be a lot easier when you try to make travel plans with people who are just as passionate as you when it comes to traveling and make traveling a priority. If its not top priority for them then chances are they aren’t gonna be serious about the trip.

Ive created a simple yet helpful guide to help those of whom are wanting to plan successful group trips:

1. TELL don't ask

If your the one with the idea for planning the trip like its your birthday or something don't ask your friends where they would like to go and stay and what to do just make the selections and TELL THEM. Telling your friends what the place selected is and where your staying leaves no room for disagreements.

If your not the one solely planning the trip and its being done as a group then figure out the logistics.

Whats everyones budget?

When can everyone go?

How long will the trip be?

When will the money be due?

and then go from there!

2. Take a DEPOSIT

We all know that deposits ensure people are serious..why do you think they have downpayment on cars and houses? Nowadays a lot of businesses require people to have deposits. Deposits will decrease the chances of non-payments by your friends so advise them of the deposit up front but reassure them that it will secure their spot and go towards XXX.

Some of my favorite apps or websites for accepting payments are:

Square Cash (my fav)

Chase QuickPay (now Zelle)




Once you have the deposit and your feeling more confident in the fact that your friends are serious try to create the itinerary so everyone gets a chance to do what they would like to do. Let your friends browse the internet and let you know what they really want to do/experience while on the trip.

If everyone can't agree on things to do while there then suggest having a "free day" where everyone can split up and go explore and whatever they want to do for the day.

My favorite website for finding things to do are:

4. Have a GROUP CHAT

This is my favorite thing! Luckily all my friends have the Iphone so I always create a group chat so we can discuss things together and I can make announcements once instead of texting everyone individually. You can also use WhatsApp or GroupMe! Having a group chat allows everyone to meet (assuming everyone doesn't know each other) and be on the same page. I do like some of the features that GroupMe has too because you can add stuff to a group calendar, set reminders for everyone to see, and even put up a poll so everyone can vote!

5. Act like a SALESMAN

Sell your friends on the trip your trying to plan. Tell them all the cool things you can do, how it'll benefit them, and how they are getting a bang for their buck! Do a little research before hand so you actually have something to present to them. Even show them cool pics from Instagram travel bloggers who have been to that location.

6. Take a deep BREATH

Take a deep breath...if planning isn't your strong point there are apps and websites to help you here are a few to check out:

A travel organizing app that automagically creates a master itinerary for every trip so you can access all your travel plans, anytime, on any device

Travel planning app that uses maps to explore locations

Itinerary building website that plans your trip for you! This may be ideal for someone who doesn't really have planning skills needed to plan a group trip

I hope this helps even just a little bit! Good luck planning your group trip!

Check out the photos from group trips that I've done: