Oh, the architecture! Spain!

Now im not gonna lie I wasn't super excited to go to Spain. I never really thought about going there and it never really crossed my mind but I still went with an open mind and ready to soak everything in. I flew from Newark International Airport straight to BCN Airport in Barcelona. The flight was 6 hours and 30 minutes and was pretty smooth. I learned something new! If you need to get to Newark Airport and you live in Queens there is a shuttle that can take you from JFK to EWK for $29 if you don't want to go to through the hassle of taking multiple trains and dealing with rush hour.

I flew with Norwegian Airlines and they did NOT provide any meals or drinks on the plane so make sure when you fly with Norwegian you check your flight information on the website to see if they provide a meal. On my flight back to NY they did provide two meals so its good to know before hand. I had a carry on bag because I didn't want to pay their hefty $45 checked bag fee and my carry on bag was over weight by 2 kilos. The customer service agent was going to charge me $100 for my bag but I told her I was gonna see if my friends bag had space and I went to the kiosk, printed my ticket, and went to my gate =) Moral of the story...USE THE KIOSK...not an agent!

Places to check out in Barcelona:

Sagradia Familia

Montjuic Castle

Park Guell

Barcelona Cathedral

Where/What To Eat

Overall I enjoyed the food in Barcelona! We pretty much walked around and found places to eat instead of researching beforehand. The only restaurant I went to that I researched ahead of time was Brunch and Cake. It was recommended to me by a travel blogger @diaryofdi who was recently in Barcelona. It is such a cute restaurant and VERY instagrammable so I HAD to go ...PLUS.. it was only a ten minute walk from my Airbnb.

Brunch and Cake

Tip: Get there EARLY! My friend and I got there at 9:02 and it opened at 9 AM and it was already packed. We got the last 2 seats. The restaurant serves healthy meals only which was perfect because I wanted to start my day off with a healthy meal.


A Tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine and translates to small portion of any kind of Spanish restaurant. My friends and I all ordered something and we shared it. It was delicious. I would recommend getting Tapas at least once while in Barcelona. Most restaurants offer it.

Desperados Beer

Now I don't drink beet because I don't like the taste but I think this is the best tasting beer that i've had! It was a slight sweet taste to it. This is a must try!


Gelato is always the best in Europe and you can get it from any ice cream shop!


A Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, etc., cooked and served in a large shallow pan


An empanada is a type of pastry baked or fried in many countries of the Americas and in Spain. I had the beef Empanada and it was delish!

Up, Up, and away!

Ive always said I wanted to go on a hot air balloon but I never really thought I would do it! I was contemplating even until the morning of the flight if I should even go on it. What made me do it was the pep talk I had with myself, lol. I was like:

1. "Chanice, a hot air balloon is safer than the drive to get to the hot air balloon field"

2. "Girl, u can NOT live your life in fear... life is wayyy to short"

3. You'll be missing out on an amazing experience

I almost cried as the balloon was going up because it was such a fulfilling experience. It's hard to really explain the way I felt. The views were absolutely AMAZING! God was speaking to me that morning and showing off! The views of Barcelona was spectacular! Actually, just take a look at this video:

This was by far my most favorite and memorable excursion I've every done! Im so glad I made the decision to put my fear aside and go for it! I made myself sooooo proud that day! The hot air balloon was $200 when it was converted to USD. It included wine and a sandwich and round trip transportation to the field. The ride was about an hour long and it was very scenic in a more rural part of Barcelona! For direct contact information on the company that was used feel free to email me at flywithqueenie@gmail.com

Barcelona was such a cute city full of so much culture! I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going. Stay tuned for Part 2. of my Barcelona blog where I talk about my Airbnb, photographer and how I caught someone trying to pickpocket me!