• Queenie

The oh so vibrant Morocco!

Flew from: JFK Airport in NYC

Stopped in: Paris, France

Landed in: RAK Airport in Marrakech

So I decided I needed to be in Africa to celebrate my 30th birthday and since I had seen Morocco on almost every travel blogger feed and it looked like an amazing place i just HAD to go. I had four wonderful friends who came with me and we had a very memorable trip.


Palm Plaza Marrakech

All the rooms had a balcony which was nice! The hotel was about a 15 minute drive to and from the airport. We paid about $5 USD each way. The hotel does NOT have wash cloths which i think is a Moroccan thing so don't forget to bring yours. They had a big beautiful pool that we lounged around in when we had down time with a bar and music. The air conditioner could have been better/more powerful since its hot in Marrakech but aside from that I was satisfied with our hotel choice. We were literally ten minutes from every place we went so i love the fact that we were smack dab in the middle of everything!


We did an excursions via getyourguide.com where we rode camels, rode quads in the desert, and got a Moroccan massage at a spa for just $100! It was an amazing deal! I've always wanted to ride a camel! They provided us a kaftan and hijab to wear while riding the camel and took photos of us with our cameras throughout the ride. The ride was about an hour long. We rode through the beautiful desert where there were palm trees and beautiful mountains in the distance. After the camel ride our tour guide drove us to the quads about ten minutes away. We rode the quads for about an hour and it was soooo fun! Before we ended the quads we had a snack break where they served us Moroccan mint tea. The third and final excursion was a spa treatment at a Moroccan Spa. That was a great experience. They started off with having us change into our bathing suits,gave us a robe, and took us upstairs into a room where they rubbed in down with black soap. We sat into the Moroccan sauna for 30 dreadful minutes ( I cant do saunas lol), and then they washed us off. The lady also washed my hair for me! After that we dried off and went into the massage room where they massaged us with Argan oil for an hour It felt AMAZING! ....all this for $100!?!? I would sooo do that again when I go. I would suggest getting this excursion if your ever in Marrakech.

Do's and Dont's

Cross the street with CAUTION! It is very busy when it comes to the cars in the streets and its very dangerous to cross especially by the Medina. I would suggest crossing with a local (they know what they are doing).

Bring a wash cloth

You can only exchange USD for Dirhams in Morocco because its a closed currency

The Immigration line is long af so prepare. It took us an hour or more standing in line.

You don't have to book transportation ahead of time to your hotel there are taxi drivers waiting outside the airport and also will be waiting outside of your hotel to take you places. Also, negotiate the price!

It's hot so bring sunscreen and buy water When u go to the Medina (it's like a flee market) negotiate the price. Everything I purchased was way less than what the starting price was that I was told by the store worker.

Go to a Hammam! You wont regret it!

When you go to the Medina, Souk, or square don't touch anything or show too much interest in the items that are being sold because once they see that they will bug you to buy. (Like REALLY bug u)

If you ride quads wear an outfit that can get VERY dirty because of the sand/dirt

If your interested in the night life go to African Chick, Monte Cristo, Theatro, or 555 (I'm sure there's more but those are the ones I kept hearing about)

Get to the airport three hours or so before tour flight when flying back home. The lines are long and you have to fill out a form etc.

Learn how to say "no thank you" in Arabic it helps at the shops. They stop bothering you faster

Lets talk about shopping!!

You can not go to Marrakech without visiting the Souks and the Medina. The is an area filled with shops with beautiful hand crafted products and food as well. The majority of the money I spend in Marrakech went towards shopping an getting natural spices, remedies, souvenirs and personal items I liked! Negotiating when your there will get you lower prices. I wish I had brought more money with me I would have gotten so much more items! I also got a henna tattoo the first night we were there and were strolling through the Medina.

Marrakech was an amazing place to visit you won't regret it. Part 2 of my Marrakech trip is coming up so stay tuned. If you have any specific questions for me please email me at at Flywithqueenie@gmail.com