20 Things I learned In My 20's

My 20's ahhhh....it was a great decade! As I enter a new chapter in my life I felt it was necessary to share the things I've learned in my 20's. It may help anyone who's younger and going through "20s things" and gain a bit of wisdom.

Lets jump right into it..here are the 20 things I learned in my twenties (this list is in no particular order):

20 Things I Learned In My 20s

Its not what you say it's how you say it - this seriously goes a lonnnng way

There's nothing wrong with admitting your wrong and someone else is right - I've learned to put my pride to the side and understand that admitting your wrong is a sign of maturity and growth.

If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all - plan and simple. This definitely wasn't my thinking process but nowadays if I have nothing nice to say I just keep my mouth shut and say everything in my head lol

Never trust anyone that says "don't tell xxxx I told you this but…" - Boy oh boy why didn't I realize this when I was younger! If someone is gossiping to you about something someone told them not to tell anyone then what makes you think they aren't spiling your business to someone else? Don't trust those people!

Find a hobby or passion that gives you happiness and fulfillment and go hard at it - Once I realized my passion was traveling and gave it my all there was so much more happiness in my life. It doesn't matter if your hobby is something simple as bird watching..find the hobby and own it!

Forgive - This is so hard to do but so necessary not for the other person but for YOU

Let things that aren’t a big deal go - I stopped putting energy into things that weren't a huge deal.. A friend forgot to say happy birthday..oh well stuff happens..keep it moving..I put energy now into things that deserves my energy.

Sometimes its best to move in silence - Everyone doesn't need to know what your doing..you don't have to "stunt for the gram" with every aspect of our life ..move in silence.

Love and embrace your natural kinks - This took me a while to do and this is the longest I've gone with rocking my natural hair and boy do I LOVE it. I actually get complimented the most on my natural hair which pushes me to continue rocking my kinks. I now put time into learning what works for my hair and not letting society determine what type of hair is considered beautiful!

Listen to understand..not to reply - Boy have I grown with this one! I used to listen to give my come back and not really listen to UNDERSTAND. Once I started listening to understand and not run my mouth I realized that i'm able to resolve things with people faster and we can maturely talk it out.

My parents were right and always had my best interest at heart - When your young you tend to feel like your parents are against you and just want to give you a hard time but as I've gotten older I realized im just like my parents! When I talk to my son I even catch myself saying things that they told me. They've always had my best interest at heart and I've learned that and now I totally understand where they were coming from. I love them!

Credit is everything - Ive made some bad decisions in the past regarding credit and had a difficult time with things but I've made a total 180 and my credit is excellent. They really should teach credit in school. Trust me credit is everything it doesn't matter if its something as simple as getting your own phone line or being grown and getting a house...you can't do that unless you have good credit!

Realize my flaws and try to work on them - Now we all hate to admit whats wrong with us but its actually liberating. Growth is about realizing what flaws you have and working on them. Theres nothing better than looking back and realizing how far you've come.

God needs to be the center of everything - Can I get an amen!! Without God I honestly don't know where I would be today. I give all the praises to him for allowing me to even reach 30. Keeping him in my life is how I was able to even grow as a person and to travel.

Life is too short so live everyday to the fullest - Ive had friends die starting in high school. Every day I try to live life to my fullest potential because one minute your here and the next your not. Life isn't a joke and its meant to truly enjoy.

Do things i’ve never done before - Whats life if your repeating the same things over and over? Instead of going to the movies every week maybe try miniature golf, laser tag, rock climbing. Gain new experiences..trust me it feels amazing!

You can be cordial with someone you don’t like - Boy oh boyyyyyy!!! I used to be the girl to roll her eyes when I was in the presence of people i didn't like but that was the old me. I can be respectful and cordial now because they don't bother me.

Love yourself - This is a hard one..even people a lot older struggle with this. Ive learned to love myself and not compare myself to others. I don't let the media control how I look at my body...this slim girl loves herself! I realize I have flaws but hey im okay wit that. I still have a little ways to go but overall I love myself!

Don’t let anyone control your happiness or your emotions..no one deserves that power - man..when i realized this I was so much happier. Others would have the power to control my emotions but not anymore huntie! I control how I feel..not anyone else. Im gong to have a great day regardless of how your trying to make me feel.

Work less travel more - this is self explanatory and needs no further details =)

Keeping to yourself is often best - I have family, friends who are my adopted family, and acquaintances. Honestly Unless your my immediate family or my adopted family (friends), I keep to myself. Its better that way. Less drama, less assumptions, less negativity. *shrugs*