• Queenie

Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit

Whats a weekend without a super cute pop up exhibit?? I had a chance to experience my first ever pop up exhibit with a friend this weekend and i'm here to give you the scoop!

-Exhibit name: Happy - Go - Lucky - Exhibit

-Location: Soho

-Price: $36

The exhibit gave you an hour to explore each of the different themed rooms with its most popular room being the mirrored room..the one in the very beginning of my video. Firstly, I don't think it was worth $36..I think it should have been around $15 seeing as though everything was mediocre except The Palace Of Enchanted Crystals (the mirrored room).

It was hot for the most part so bring a paper fan with you and be prepared to sweat a bit! I liked that they gave time slots for the exhibit so they could avoid having too many people in each room at each time..i mean no one wants to snap photos with a lot of people in the background, right? I did notice though that I felt a bit rushed because the people who were behind us finished their room super quickly and ended up in our room staring at us taking photos so I felt the need to hurry..boo!

I also liked that they had a worker in each room who was there to make sure everyone was okay and offered to take photos of you as well. This allowed my friend and I to get some shots together =)

The exhibit was two floors and consisted of about, if i can remember correctly, 6-7 rooms to explore and take photos in. At the very end of the exhibit they gave super cute, very instagrammable, italian ice treats.

Overall, I don't think it was worth $36 , however, im glad I got to experience one of these highly talked about exhibits and I can't wait until the next ones come to the city!

For more photos of my time in the exhibit be sure to check out my instagram page @flywithqueenie =)