Costa Rica Food Guide

I’m a complete foodie and part of the reason why I love traveling so much is to experience different types of food. If i can get a chance to see how the cook actually cooks the meal its even better since im always wanting to learn how to cook more and more things. This is the reason I chose to have a private chef cook breakfast, I was able to watch what he used, how he prepared it, and take note. Here is my foodie Costa Rica guide!

Restaurant: Hotel Villa Caletas

Location: Jaco

The restaurants had an indoor section and an outdoor section. Despite the many bugs that Costa Rica had we decided to enjoy the breeze and sit outside. We had bread and Costa Rican cream cheese while we waited for our food and they also brought us over a few other appetizers for free as we waited. All of them tasted really good. There was something about the Costa Rican cream cheese that was AMAZING.

I ordered macadamian crusted fish with rice it was tasty! the meal was $55 USD for an appetizer, main entree and desert. If your looking for a fancy place to celebrate an occasion this is the place to go. The view is amazing especially during sunset

They had a wine menu so we ordered white wine too cheers to my friends 30th birthday. They also brought a complimentary slice of cake out and sang happy birthday to her which made her night!

If your looking to purchase any baked goods I would recommend going to Pachi's Pan Bakery in Jaco. I ordered a simple white cake with strawberry filling and white frosting and i KID YOU NOT when I say its tied for the best cake I ever had. It reminded me of tres leches cake it was so moist and the frosting was different than the frosting in the US in a good way.

The Chef we hired through the Airbnb made fried plantains with a bean dip. They make it the same way Caribbeans make friend plantain and the bean dip added an extra oomph to it. We were served fresh ceviche as an appetizer too.

For the main entree we had shrimp, chicken, and vegetable kabobs, rice, salad, and a side of beans.

Another restaurant I would recumbent is a restaurant in Jaco called Los Cocodrilos. Its a local Costa Rican restaurant with a nice view in the back of the restaurant with a pretty big menu.

Fries, Costa Rican Rice, and a fresh salad on the side

I'm petty sure no matter where you decide to go in Costa Rica your not going to be disappointed with the food especially if you go to a local authentic restaurant. Have a question about any of the places i mentioned? Drop me an email at or DM me on Instagram @flywithqueenie! =)