I almost got scammed - Costa Rica

One of the most amazing things I experienced on the trip was waking up to the sounds of all different types of animals. I heard Frogs, Crickets, Chickens, Cows, and sounds I’ve never even heard before. I couldn’t even bare to sleep any longer I had to hop out of bed, throw on my sandals, and head outside to see what animals were around. I would recommend some type of bug spray and make sure doors are closed when your coming in or leaving wherever you decide to stay if you ever visit. The last thing you want is a lizard or scorpion inside your rental.

Since we had a jam packed day of fun activities we had the same private chef from the night before come and make breakfast for us. For breakfast we had:



Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican rice)


Fresh Pineapple Juice made in the blender

The chef was able to make us breakfast for $10 per day which is awesome. We didn’t want to wake up earlier than we had to to go to a restaurant and eat. I loved the chef coming over because I was able to watch what he was doing and learn different ways to cook.

I kid you not the fresh pineapple juice the chef made for us was AMAZING! I was able to find a recipe online for it and i think ill try it out..in case your wanting to explore and try it for yourself here it is:

  • 2 cups pineapple, cut up into pieces (discard the core)

  • 2 cups liquid such as water, almond milk or any nondairy milk

  • 1 cup ice

  • Sweetener of choice such as stevia, brown sugar, tapa, agave

The recipe sounds pretty simple right? Simple but delicious!

We headed over to a park called The Park at Ocean Ranch in Jaco. Jaco was about a 15-20 minute drive away from where we were. The activities we had lined up were:




Zip lining

The more activities you choose you get a bigger discount. We also got a small discount through our Airbnb as well. I chose to do ATV, Rappelling, Hiking and Zip lining and it came out to $130 USD which wasn’t bad at all. You were able to use cash USD or Costa Rica Colones. You can also use a debit or credit card but for any card transactions there was a 6% fee that came along with it.

The first thing we did was ride the ATVs. That was really fun! It lasted about an hour and a half and we rode past cows and beautiful scenic areas. There was a guy who was part of the park who took pictures of us riding around with his professional camera. You had an option at the end to purchase all the photos from all of the excursions for $30 USD. Not bad right? We rode through an area that had tons of butterflies..some of the biggest butterflies I had ever seen with colors I’ve never seen before. Costa Rica has over 20 thousand species of butterflies. My favorite were the blue rainbow colored butterflies.

After we did ATV we hiked up to the top of the waterfall where we did rappelling. I was bit nervous at first so I opted out of going first but after seeing the first person go I felt a lot better about going. It was super fun. That was my first time rappelling and the view from up above was gorgeous. I slipped once on the slippery rock but I got back up and kept going and made it all the way down =) I would suggest wearing shoes with a grip. I was wearing my water shoes that had a grip on it which was good because the water on the rock made it slippery.

We Almost Got Played In Costa Rica

We decided to also go on a catamaran boat the following day at the Manuel Antonio Park which was a 45 minute drive from us. We wore swimming attire since part of the boat ride was snorkeling and swimming in the ocean. As we were almost there we were directed by a local to park in the parking lot. We figured maybe this is the closest parking area and we just had to walk to the marina. When we pulled in my friend decided to take a photo because the scenery was beautiful…and the man who directed us in the parking lot freaked out and said we wouldn’t take photos…strange right?

We explained to him we were there for a catamaran ride and wanted him to tell us where to go. He said he was part of the catamaran company who does the excursions and what he could do was have the company shuttle come get us from the marina and take us there. He stated all we had to do was give him $25 each to secure our spot and pay the remainder ($55) when we got to the Marina. Something didn’t sound right..we asked him “why can’t we just pay the whole thing when we get to the marina”. He took out a recipe pad and wrote us a reciept for the transaction that he was hoping would happen. He also pretended to call his “manager” to confirm that the shuttle was coming..when we asked to see his phone there was no one on the line..his dial pad wasn’t even pulled up. He told us about 5 times the shuttle was one minute away and after 15 minutes there was no shuttle in sight. He started getting hostile with us for not giving him our money and questioning him and even threatened to called the Costa Rican policia. We left the parking lot with 6 minutes to spare until the boat left, parked, and ran as fast as we could to pay. I asked the worker if they had a worker in a parking lot who sold tickets to the catamaran and they were so confused and said no. I’m so glad we didn’t give him out money and decided to leave. So be careful with the locals. You don’t know whats real and whats not real so go with your gut instinct. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something then don’t do it. We would have been out $100 had we listened to him PLUS missed the boat.

The catamaran was amazing. I love love love boats. I want to own one one day. The one excursion ill never get tired of regardless of what country im in is a boat ride. For $85 we we got a wrist band that gave us 8 drinks each, a meal, fruits and snacks. We also got snorkeling equipment to use at no additional charge. They had music on board, 2 jacuzzis, 2 trampolines and a second floor. They stopped the boat about 45 minutes in and we were able to snorkel and jump off the 2nd level of the boat and jump into the water. It was so fun and the food was amazing!

The excursions we did was amazing I would highly recommend it!

Don't forget your:

Bathing suit

Waterproof phone case




Sun Screen



If you need additional information on the excursions feel free to contact me at mywanderlustjournal@gmail.com and I can help in any way that I can. Also, stay tuned for my third and final blog about the Costa Rica ..specifically highlighting the nightlife and delicious food! Don't forget to follow me on instagram as well @flywithqueenie!