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Pura Vida!! - Costa Rica

I told myself I needed to step foot in Africa, Central America, and South America this year..and the first destination was the beautiful Costa Rica in Central America. Reading about Costa Rica or seeing travel bloggers photos in Costa Rica is nothing compared to actually being there and experiencing the beautiful country for yourself!

First and foremost i'm pleasantly surprised that American Airlines gave us real food on the second leg which was from Charlotte to San Jose Airport. We were served a drink as well as a sandwich (which was pretty good), a brownie, and chips. Kudos to American!

When we landed and got our bags we took a shuttle to a car company called Apex. We rented an SUV since there were no Ubers plus we wanted to be able to do things on our time and not have to wait on anyone to grab us. Just a heads up....if you plan to rent a car in Costa Rica be prepared to pay a deposit if $1,000 or more!! Yes, your eyes did not lie! We were offered two different car insurance options which we couldn't decline. The cheaper option came with a $1,000 deposit and the second option came with a $4,000 deposit. At first I thought they were trying to get one over on us but my two friends who flew in after us who rented an SUV had to pay $2,500 as a deposit through a different company. With that being said PLEASE don't forget your credit card!

We decided to stay in a place called Esterillos Oeste which was about an hour and a half from the Airport and about a 20 minute drive from the popular city of Jaco. We made a pit stop at a local restaurant called Los Cocodrilos and I had the best empanada I ever had! It was a bean and rice empanada and I had some water to wash it down since it was so hot there. I also tasted a little bit of my friends Costa Rican beer which wasn't bad at all! I love local restaurants when im abroad..i love tasting authentic dishes.

Driving to the Airbnb was amazing. We had a beautiful green scenery and what made it better was it was very simple driving in Costa Rica. They drive exactly how they do in the US. Drivers sit on the left and they drive on the right side of the road. This made me very comfortable plus there wasn't traffic or tons of cars on on the road.

When we got to the Airbnb house it was a very simple process to get in. There was a lockbox with a code the Airbnb owner had previously given me and we were in within minutes. The house was gorgeous! It was a three bedroom house with two bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, pool, ping pong table, rooftop, hammock and more! I was not disappointed at all about our selection. Although we got to the house at night we still wanted to make the most out of every minute we had in Costa Rica and decided to go for a swim! There were tons of bugs outside so we weren't in the pool for too long but it was definitely a memorable night.

Be sure to look out for more blog regarding Costa Rica..I have tons to share with everyone =)

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