Black Girls Travel Too!

I never knew that there was such a huge black millennial wanderlust population until I started browsing around on social media. We do in fact exist and we go to places far beyond Miami! I met a wonderful wanderlust on Instagram and together we created "Black Travel Connect". Black Travel Connect focuses on connecting black millennial travelers around the world. After talking on Instagram we decided to host our very own event focused on travelers around the NYC tri-state area connecting with each other. We set a goal and a vision and we made it happen!

The conversation at the very first "Black Travel Blogger Brunch" was informative and nothing short of amazing. I learned a lot from everyone who attended and I know where to go when I need recommendations on certain countries when I travel abroad. It helped that the food was absolutely amazing and we chatted over bottomless drinks!

Yesterday was an absolute dream! Having so many beautiful, powerful and intelligent women all trying to be the changes they want to see in the world was amazing! We shared our stories, our goals, dreams and our visions. I’ve definitely made a beautiful group of friends in all of these amazing women!

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Not many people can rock the bald head but she's gorgeous! #Blackgirlmagic

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Lets talk about the food though! My Penne a la vodka was sooooo good! I would definitely recommend going here! Wanna know where we went? Message me =)

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"To travel is to live"

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A brunch isn't a brunch with out goodie bags....right? =)

Team Wakanda =)

"Black Lives Matter" #Luggagetags

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"work, save, travel, repeat"

My business partner @the.destined.gypsy and i =)

Acting silly with these beautiful ladies!

Stay tuned for more Black Travel Connect stop is ATL!