Cherry Blossoms & Monuments

The weather as we all know on the east coast is the worst. It takes a long time to actually get warm weather and this year mother nature decided to randomly be warm for two days and then drop its temperature again. Once I saw that it would be 75 degrees on Friday & Saturday that was my queue to take advantage of the warmth, pull out my sun dress, and leave NYC! I decided to head to D.C since it would be even warmer there (83 degrees) PLUS they were having their annual cherry blossom festival. I flew there and went straight to the festival where it was filled with gorgeous cherry blossoms along the lake where you had the opportunity to paddle board.

There was definitely a lot of political signs and events going on around D.C. which is probably expected since thats where the white house is located. A lot of the signs and clothing that were being sold were against Trump rather than being for Trump.

We decided to eat after exploring the Cherry Blossom Festival and settled on a restaurant inside of a hotel called Old Ebbitt Grill. It was a pretty packed day with the restaurants downtown. Everyone was out and about in D.C and it was very crowded (im guessing its because of the long awaited warm weather).

Restaurant: Old Ebbitt Grill

Prices: Reasonably priced

Wait: The wait wasn't bad especially for the amount of people that were was a huge restaurant!

Type of food: American food

If your interested in trying to Old Ebbitt Grill heres the menu:

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express East AFB In Camp Spring Maryland. It was about 25 minutes from the downtown DC area so it wasn't bad at all. I met up with a friend who lived in Camp Springs and he took us downtown D.C to enjoy the nightlife so there wasn't a need for using an Uber to commute from the hotel to D.C. The hotels in D.C were way too expensive and not worth it so we decided that Maryland would be the better option.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express East AFB

Price: $150 a night

Included: Breakfast & Wifi

Would I recommend: Yes, definitely!

First Stop - White House

Second Stop - WW2 Memorial

Third Stop - Martin Luther King Monument

The night life in D.C was really popular. There were tons more people that I had seen previously when I went in 2016. We ended up at Nellies where we got a drink and enjoyed the music, ended up getting some pizza, and went to DC9. I love making friends during my travels and keeping in contact with each other. I met up with a friend whom I had met on my birthday cruise ship last August. I let him know I was coming and he gladly took my friends and I out! I want to experience more of the night life in D.C so the next time I come back I'll be exploring the nightlife more.

D.C was definitely the perfect place to go while the weather was warm and beautiful! Farewell, D.C...until we meet again =)

For more information on any of the monuments please feel free to contact me =)