• Queenie

The Rundown On Turks & Caicos

It wasn't until after I booked my trip to Turks & Caicos that I realized it has the #1 most beautiful beach. This made me extremely excited ... that I...could ACTUALLY say that I visited the most beautiful beach in the entire world. Before I even landed my jaw dropped while looking outside the window of the airplane and seeing how beautiful and turquoise the water was.

Where did we stay?

We stayed in Providenciales. There were other nice Airbnb's on the other islands like North and South Caicos but that would have required us to take a 30 minute ferry into Providenciales where all the attractions are and the ferry stops at around 5PM. We stayed in a centrally located, super cute, house with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. It had wifi and free parking which was nice and was located next to a supermarket which was helpful. The neighbors were friendly, It was a vey quiet neighborhood, and most importantly I felt safe. I noticed that Turks was a lot more modern than a lot of the islands I've been too, which was nice, especially to have running hot water.


You CANNOT go to Turks without renting a vehicle. I believe the island has taxis, however, i don't recall seeing any...unless I just didn't know how to identify them. Having a car was very affordable..it was $12 per day and with the surcharges and taxes we ended up paying $35 each for it. They have street lights while driving at night which made me a lot more at ease. The steering wheel is on the right and they drive on the left hand side which was a big difference from what we are used to in the US. Luckily, it wasn't bad at all driving on the left hand side. There were never tons of cars on the street and we got a hang of it pretty quickly. Everything was super close. It was about 15 minutes max to get to anywhere we needed to go on the small island.

Where did we eat?

Fish Fry- Thursday outside vendors come together and sell local food. I personally ordered Conch fritters, baked mac, and jerk chicken for just $12. That was by far the best conch fritters I've had! The vendor I purchased the food from was "Pepper Town Cafe"...check them out!

Danny Buoys- A very popular restaurant in Providenciales. Each night they have something different..from karaoke night to country night to DJ night. The food wasn't the best in my opinion. I wouldn't eat there again I would just go for a drink and enjoy the music in the future.

Boogalous- Boogalous is a beautiful restaurant on the beach about 13 minutes from where we were staying. The views were amazing, the ambiance was good, and the live band played some really nice music. The food was decent and the prices weren't bad either. We spent our final dinner here and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

What is there to do in Providenciales? Stay tuned for a detailed blog!