Traveling is my happy place!

I remember when I was younger and I used to travel I would never even think about going abroad aside from Jamaica which is where my family and I from. I would always just travel domestically to places that just had a good night life. I never cared about the outdoors and it never interested me in anyway shape or form to explore the outdoors and beautiful sceneries.

It wasn’t until I got older when I realized this world is way too big and extremely beautiful to settle with just traveling along the borders of the United States. I think what ignited the spark for me was my first cruise. I always dreamt of going on a cruise but never thought I could afford going on one and that was my mistake because I assumed it was expensive but in all actuality it’s very affordable for the average person.

I remember graduating college and celebrating my achievement on my very first cruise. I remember over looking the balcony on the boat and seeing the beautiful ocean brought me so much peace and tranquility that I knew that this was much more than just a trip it was like a transformation into learning about myself and what my passion really was. I went to three or four Caribbean islands during that cruise and met different people. I learned about the different cultures, I tried different foods, and it just open my mind to other people living in this world who live a different lifestyle from me. The different cultures of people was so much more appreciated after experiencing being in that country physically.

My priorities prior to the cruise was shopping getting my nails done getting my hair done basically things that I’ve never really needed just wanted. I came to the realization that I need to focus on the things that I need and not what I want. Now it’s completely different instead of my priorities being put into things that I didn’t really need aside from my household and mother duties my number one passion is to travel. Think about it I was getting my nails done every two weeks getting a fill that’s $40 a month.. in the year that’s $480 ..that can get you a round-trip ticket to Paris if you fly during off-peak season. That’s how I think about everything now I’m like "should I do this or get this or should I use the money and go here and experience a beautiful please meet beautiful people and have the memories and experiences and my heart and my mind forever I can never be taken away from me".

A part of it is maturity and another part of it would be just realizing how beneficial traveling abroad or even within your own country is. I’ve learned so much and I’ve had eye-opening moments and I want to continue having those moments and learning and growing from them.

So this is why I love to travel and why it’s a passion of mine there’s something about being up in the air on a plane, being extremely excited and anxious to get to your destination, and getting there wondering around meeting people trying new things and learning. Everyone needs that one thing that takes them out of their reality for a little while and puts them in a happy place... a place of tranquility and peace.

To get away even just for a few days from the every the duties like working, taking care of the household, being a mom ,running errands, and more is good. I love to relax myself ,my mind ,and my spirit. To be in my happy place creating experiences and wandering is why traveling is my passion.