• Queenie

Solo trip to London

This was my first time flying to Europe and I was doing it solo but there wasn’t an ounce of nerve in me! It was just pure excitement. I did an overnight flight so I could just sleep (even though I didn’t). The food was surprisingly really good. I want to say it's one of the best pastas I've ever had. It also came with key lime cake and vegetables. I got a glass of wine at no charge..unlike airlines in the US. There was no wifi which I was disappointed about and no TVs so I couldn't watch a movie and fall asleep to it. It was a smooth ride nonetheless and overall I’m very satisfied with Norwegian. I sat next to a nice gentleman who was able to give me some tips on visiting the UK which was much appreciated since he was a UK native. I immediately got an Oyster card and topped up so that I could use the buses and trains. My Aunt met me at the airport and we took the train back to the house. From the moment I stepped food on the train i was shocked at how CLEAN and well kept the train was. It even had tables so you could eat or set down your hot drink..such a huge difference from trains here in NYC. The top 3 things I wanted to see/do was the red phone booth, the Queens Guards, and have afternoon tea. The first night a cousin i’ve never met took me to an arena called O2. It was an area filled with restaurants, clubs, bars, and they have concerts there as well. It was wonderful meeting cousins i’ve never met before it surely didn’t feel like it was my first time meeting them. Now lets get to the mannerism….I live in NY where the people here are not so nice…so when I was in London it really stuck out that the people there were so different. A lot of the times when I was on the bus and someone reached their destination they would thank the driver..it was a shocker for me…”did i really just hear someone say thank you to the driver” is what i kept asking myself. Overall, people seemed to be more pleasant. One thing I loved about London was there were a lot of Caribbeans..particularly Jamaicans. It reminded me of Brooklyn. People outside selling fruits by the markets..Caribbean shops..reggae music playing…it was wonderful to be around my culture of people. A beef patty was a store away which was lovely. There is a very big Caribbean influence in certain parts of London and a huge American influence. Most the music i heard were American songs. It was a proud feeling. I ended up catching a cold on the Sunday that I was there because it was C O L D! I didn’t realize it would be that cold so I should have packed more thick warm clothing. luckily i was able to get rid of the cold by that night and continue my adventure the following day….check out my do’s and dont’s for traveling to London….



Bring Scarves, jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats

Bring an umbrella

Get a visitors Oyster card

Use Groupon


-Convert your money there

Use a Black Cab (use Uber instead its a lot cheaper)

-Don't just go to the London eye...its always packed and booked for the day..reserve your spot in advance