• Queenie

Dirty 30..AZ Style!

So I was born in 88' and most my friends were too so the first Dirty 30 of the year for my friend Brettney and Brett was January 12th weekend. I was excited to get out the cold weather and head home and enjoy warmth. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was in the high 70s and no sweater needed. I love flying over the mountains on the plane and seeing a different scenery than what I currently see.

We did dinner on Friday night in a private room at Papadeaux in Phoenix. Its a seafood restaurant and I ordered the fried catfish with beans and rice and a side of water. The food was really good with a kick of spice to it. The prices were very reasonable and even though there were over ten of us in the private room they were able to separate everyones checks which is always nice.

After dinner a few of us went out to Scottsdale for some drinking and dancing. I hadn't been home in so long I need to enjoy every second of being in AZ. I would definitely recommend Old Town Scottsdale for anyone visiting Arizona if you want to experience the night life as well as day parties on Sundays. Want know where to go? Shoot me a message :)

The night of the actual party was Saturday night and It was lingerie themed. I was excited because I love themed parties. It gives you a chance to really be creative and have fun with your outfit. I ended up getting an emerald green two piece because I thought it complimented my skin tone.

Lets talk about the Airbnb house though..it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was a big 4 bedroom & 2 bathroom house in Mesa. The bathrooms were huge with walk in stone showers. The pool was beautiful with a waterfall right next to a golf course and the house had a rooftop. If you need a place to stay in AZ and would like to check out the house just message me!

1 Dirty 30 down..and may more to go for 2018!