Sunny, Beautiful, Los Angeles

Can you believe I flew to LA for less than $150!! Delta always treats me well. I'm so happy I got the American Express Delta card. Delta is neck to neck with the top domestic airlines with Jet Blue. They even served REAL food! I can't remember the last time i got a free meal flying domestic. Heres how I spent my 24 hours in beautiful LA...

First, my bestie took me to see Issa Rays apartment in Insecure. It was super close to the airport maybe about 15 minutes in Oakland. I was so excited to see it up close and personal since I love that show. When we pulled up there were some fans there already snapping pics. We sparked up conversation and come to find out they lived in NYC as well. I snapped a photo of them with my Canon so they could have a good quality picture and we exchanged Instagram user names.

After Oakland we went to Venice Beach. There were performers, people selling things, restaurants and tons of people enjoying themselves. It wasn't warm enough to go in the water but it was still gorgeous to sit by the beach and enjoy the beautiful palm trees, sun, and company of my bestie.

My bestie knows me so well she took me for Mexican for dinner and it was delicious! The west coast definitely has the best Mexican food thats for sure. I can't wait to visit LA again soon!