Holidays in the Poconos

I've only been to the Poconos once before with a group of friends and the experience was okay but I wanted to do it a little different this time. The first time I had stayed at an Airbnb with a no-so-nice house deep in the woods and this time I wanted to stay at a resort. The drive to the Poconos was longer than expected. It started to snow on the way there so it delayed things a bit because of traffic.

The resort had so many different activities to do from bowling to karaoke to an indoor waterpark. It was nice and spacious and one of my favorite features about the resort room was the balcony that gave you a pretty view of the snowy landscape. All of the activities was in the main building which was not really walking distance. We didn't want to keep driving back and fourth so we were happy when we realized that there was a shuttle that came by each building every 15 minutes.

The room came with a fire place which was nice because we were in a higher elevation which meant a lot colder than it was in NYC. The indoor water park was fun. My son went down a dark and fast slide on a tube and enjoyed the water. Its a family oriented resort which was perfect. They catered the adults as well with a bar..i definitely took advantage of that :)

This was a nice mini vacation right before Christmas and I plan to go again in the summer because they have tons of summer activities and a gorgeous lake.