Southwest girl meets Queen City

Even after visiting Cincinnati I didn't know what "Queen City" meant and then i FINALLY looked up up.. The nickname represents the pride of the residents in seeing the city experience a huge growth. I wasn't in Cincinnati long but even for only being there for a very short time there its one of my favorite cities! Im making it a mission to visit all 50 states in addition to traveling internationally. Every state has something to offer and to make you open minded about and im open and ready to experiencing it all.

From the moment we got there everyone was so polite..people smiled and said truly reminded me of back home in Arizona. It was a very welcoming feeling.

I went to one of the cutest themed restaurants for brunch. It was The Symphony Hotel Restaurant. It had an antique 1940s theme to it. It made me feel like I was about to have a tea party. Not only was the restaurant cute but the price was amazing for all the food you received. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Cincinnati.

Cincinnati has a few bridges and all of them were very nice. We walked on one of the bridges that overlooked the Cincinnati Reds stadium. There were some fireworks going on from a game that was happening at that moment and I was admiring the beautiful houses that sat on the hill overlooking the water. Along the water are restaurants, parks, stadiums, shopping centers, bars and more. You can literally spend hours downtown and have tons left to do. Its an area anyone who goes there should check out

Another MUST-DO when in Cincinnati is the Jazz cruise. It cruises around the city while a live jazz band plays. They have food and rinks (including alcoholic beverages) on board. It was a bit chilly do i didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked outside on the boat but I did capture a few pics though. It was a two hour cruise and it passes by some nice scenic areas.

I was going to go to the Underground Railroad Museum but it was closed but thats on my to-do list for the next time I visit. Overall, my visit was short but memorable, and eye-opener of how every state proves you wrong with what you initially think of it if you’ve never been there, and I’m looking forward to going back!

MUST SEE: James brown mural, Fountain Square, Over the Rhine, Newport on the Levee Must Eat: Symphony Restaurant