Day Trip to Atlanta

Im always browsing tickets to where I can fly for cheap. SALE is my middle name! I happened to stumble across a great deal to go from New York to Atlanta and it was a no-brainer for me. NYC has been freezing and raining and I needed some warmth in my life, plus, it would be a great time for my son and I to see my parents.

The only issue was I had work that week! I decided the price was too good to not go but would it be worth it do literally go from Tuesday evening to Thursday morning.

Overall it was good my flight was delayed by two hours so I would have gotten there a little earlier and possible enjoy the night life. I work up early that morning and began my day driving to visit my sister in college, enjoyed the pool, then met up with a friend that evening for happy hour and karaoke. I would definitely do a short trip again as long as its a short flight! It was definitely better than being stuck in the NYC cold.

Restaurant: Suite Food Lounge

Address: 375 Luckie St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Review: I loved this restaurant. It had a lounge feel to it and the food was really good. I went during happy hour which ended at 9:00 PM. The martinis were $5 and they had a lo of different flavors. The food was also reasonably priced as well. I would definitely recommend