Finally, Im in DC

Although I live in New York and Washington, D.C is fairly close this was my first time going. I took the Greyhound bus up there which was only $18 for advanced tickets and the ride to D.C was just shy of four hours. I decided to fly back because the airport is about ten minutes from my apartment and it was a very short flight. The flight was about 45 minutes and the ticket was only $50. I stayed at the Beacon Hotel in Downtown D.C which was an AWESOME location. We (my friends and I) were right in the heart of the city. The hotel was nice and the price was reasonable. For Saturday to Monday it was $86 (split between three of us). The hotel didn't include breakfast but it did include WiFi and complimentary wine. Had it been summer time we would have lounged at the hotel a bit more because they a rooftop lounge and im sure the views would have been amazing.

The first night we went to a restaurant called Circa. The ambiance and food was good. I would certainly go back. One thing i love about DC is that everything is close because its such a small place in general. We used Lyft the entire time we were there and each ride on average was about $5-$7 each. The nightlife was fun we roamed an area called Adams Morgan which is a strip of bars, clubs, restaurants and more. We ended up at a reggae club of course (lol) and enjoyed their $5 margarita specials.

Ive ALWAYS wanted to see the white house and I was really excited to see it but i didn't get a chance to because it was blocked off due to the setting up of the inauguration. Its my mission to see it though so thatll be the first thing on my list for next time.

The highlight of my trip was the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. The Museum was amazing it had everything you could imagine about black history. The museum had things from black hair to black music to real shackles from when Africans were stolen from Africa and put on a ship. It made me so proud to see how much we as a people had evolved over the years..from being denied the resources to read and write to now becoming doctors, lawyers, and event the president :)

The museum was beautifully built. There were 4 floors and we were there for three hours and didnt even get to see it all. I would highly recommend going in the morning so you have enough time to see everything the museum has to offer. The Museum had the casket of Emmitt Till which was very touching. I felt chills as I walked through the section that was honoring him. This museum will leave you with so many emotions but will allow you to leave as a very proud person. My D.C experience was an amazing one and I plan to go back again in the summer.