Terms & Conditions

By pressing submit to order a passport cover you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

There are no refunds after an order is submitted because al orders are made by hand and personalized specifically for you

After you order your passport cover it takes 5-6 days to process the order before it is shipped out.  Due to Covid-19 processing time could take up to 8 business days to process the order. The shipping time varies depending on where in the US your located. It is being shipped from New York City. Keep in mind if your needing it by a certain date for a trip please buy in ample time in case of any weather & COVID-19 delays with USPS

Once shipped you will receive a tracking number via email. The order will NOT have insurance included so if the post office loses it it is not the fault of ours and you will have to take it up with the post office. 

If you order a custom passport cover please email the photo to along with your order number 

Lastly, when you travel please a take a photo with your passport cover so we can post it on our instagram page :)  You can email it to