Chapter 32


August 20th - August 25th

Birthday Luau

August 20th (my birthday)

Its my birthday! We will enjoy a traditional lei greeting and experience a luau on Oahu. The event will provide the ideal opportunity to immerse ourself in island culture.


We will:

Watch a Polynesian show, learn headband weaving, or take a hula lesson, before indulging in a Hawaiian feast, including pineapple glazed chicken and kalua pork.


Optional: Upgrade to include priority access and convenient pickup, for a hassle-free experience. Take part in a Polynesian welcoming ceremony with the Chief Travel through the Polynesian Islands with an interactive and high energy show Learn to hula dance, weave a headband from coconut leaves, rub sticks together to make fire, or get a temporary tattoo Feast on a traditional Hawaiian luau buffet 

Price: $99


It's still early so i'll be working on the itinerary as time passes. I'll most likely be knocked up during this trip so the itinerary will include SLIGHT turnup and my maternity shoot

Some other things i'll be including are:

Ohau Botanical Garden

Catamaran boat ride w/ snorkeling 

Pearl Harbor Naational Memorial


and more....

Please RSVP by Feb 1 (homes seem to already be booked up for August so the sooner the better to know how many people are going)

Will you be there? RSVP now