Hey my name is Chanice but I go by Queenie! (long story...my 10th grade geometry teacher gave me that name hehe) I’m a Jamaican girl who spent most of her life in Arizona but currently reside in New York City! Traveling has always been a huge part of my life since I traveled back and forth to the Caribbean as a young child.

It wasn’t until I got older and independent when I realized that there’s much more in the world to see beyond the places that I was already familiar with. I converted my Instagram page to a travel blog page in February 2018 because I felt like a lot of my pictures were taken while traveling and people were always asking me travel related questions so it only made sense to share travel information ,travel experiences, and much more.

I’ve gotten so much love and support since I converted my page and started to build my brand. My

ultimate goal is to share my travel experiences with the world, offer helpful tips to assist those who dream of traveling, and to inspire people of color to go beyond what they are familiar with and be more open minded towards other countries and cultures of people.


I love Instagrams platform because its has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and collaborate with some great brands like Jet Blue, Black Girl Sun Screen and Prospect Park just to name a few! As I keep growing I hope to continue to collaborate with other creatives and reputable companies.

One thing I felt strongly about was creating a space where I could allow others to meet other black travelers and creatives - so I cofounded Black Millennial Travels! It's a group focused on highlighting black travelers through our Instagram page and featuring their awesome travel photos as well as creating travel brunches across the US and Canada which we like to call Sip N' Trip.


Continue to follow, like, and comment the content on my Instagram page as well as on my website and continue to Fly With Queenie!


 Check out my travel photos below to see some of the places I've been.

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