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With having been to over 40 countries and states i've built many connections and grew my network with chefs, boat companies and owners, property owners, drivers, tour guides, orphanages, and more! Creating an itinerary can be stressful but the weight of planning your trip  can be lifted by downloading a travel itinerary which lists all of the details of my trips. Want to see how my trip was before you buy? Click here to head to my Instagram page where you can click on my highlights categorized by country/state and see how much fun I had and what I did.

"..this course was an investment. Queenie is also very helpful and walks you through everything so you don't feel overwhelmed"


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their social media to the next level"

-Chelsea & Corey

"I am a visual person who at times needs to be shown stey-by-step of what I need to do and that's exactly what Queenie did"


"I made a few small changes she  suggested based on her audit of my account and I already have gained followers and engagement"



The Influencer guide
Collaboration Course

✔️- 3 pitch templates that are proven to work!

✔️- Access to 40 websites where companies are actively looking for influencers like YOU for their campaigns

✔️A FREE Instagram Audit

✔️Tools to determine what to charge companies for your work

✔️Methods for searching for the right person to pitch to

✔️ A step-by-step walkthrough on how to build your influencer resume

✔️Key Terms so you can understand exactly what companies are requiring

✔️Video examples and audio elements

✔️Quizzes + Worksheets


I've worked with fortune 500 companies like Google, Expedia, and Chase to name a few and i'm here to help you do the same! The Collaboration Blueprint course includes:


Pitching to a brand is half the battle! A media kit gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you want to be seen by brands. It also gives brands a detailed description of exactly what you can offer them . It allows you to control the message! I will create the perfect media kit that highlights  your brand in a way that will keep brands interested.

Media Kit

Media Kit Testimonial

"I love it Queenie!!!. It's clean and classy!! Perfection!! Thank you sooo much"

- @iamkristensimone

media kit



Queenie is also very timely with response and turn around. The media kit fit my brand exactly and was done so without asking me what style or look I was going for, which tells me Queenie recognizes and understands different concepts and her clients.


Media Kit


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