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Inspiring millennials to travel affordably & encourging the diaspora to travel to Africa and connect with their roots

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Welcome to Fly With Queenie

The Fly With Queenie brand is focused on inspiring you to travel the world without fear and with knowing that you can travel safely without draining your pockets. You can find me on Instagram @flywithqueenie where I share content from the 30+ (and counting) countries that I've explored. After taking a DNA test a few year ago I told myself I will make it to all of the African countries that make up my DNA in search of a better understanding of what makes me, me. Join my journey and vicariously live through my travels!


Let's book a Safari trip to Serengeti!

I recently had the opportunity of spending 3 and a half weeks in the beautiful East African country of Tanzania where I got to explore Zanzibar island as well as do a 5 day safari in the mainland at Serengeti National Park! Serengeti national park is the biggest and best national park in the continent of Africa so you'll be sure to run into animals like Timon, Pumba, Simba, hippos, leopards, cheetahs and so much more!

Lets head to Serengeti

Custom passport cover

Dress up your passport with a custom passport cover! This is the perfect travel accessory for yourself or perfect as a gift for a globetrotter in your life.

Not creative? No worries if you'd like to I can freestyle a design for you and create a mockup so you can see if you like it.

Ready to get started? 


Lets WorkTogether

Interested in collaborating?

Collaborating is an important part of my brand and I am happy to collaborate with brands that align with mine. I am open to suggestions  on ways we can collaborate together. To request my media kit or to tell me your collaboration idea please get started below

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Are you ready to stop letting your friends hold you back from traveling and start exploring the world?

Well, no worries, I've got you covered! I curate group trips with my buddy @thetravelpapi and we take travel lovers across the globe to different parts of the world.  We believe in providing a cultural experience with a budget friendly price tag. Our 6-9 month payment plans are perfect for those who aren't able to pay the lump sum all at once. Sit back, relax, and join us on our next adventure! 


Choose your trip

Browse our 2022/2023 trip line up, check out the itinerary and price, and see which trip is a right fit for you.


Pay your deposit and sign your contract

Submit you deposit using our user-friendly website, read your welcome documents, and sign your contract.


Make your payments and enjoy a trip of a lifetime!

Enjoy our 6-9 month installment payment plans and enjoy your experience abroad with other likeminded travelers.

Check out my journey in Africa thus far.  10/54 countries

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Follower Thoughts

I love Fly With Queenie’s content! As a well traveled person myself, it’s always great to be able to reach out to other travelers for advice, recommendations, etc! She works hard to keep her content true to her experiences and reliable for others! Definitely would recommend taking a look on her blog/site for all travelers; old and new :)

-Tammy Bradley

Incredible creative content. I love finding entertaining and informative travel information from a knowledgeable content creators. Not just someone who makes a "video".. Always interactive and engaging. If you are looking for travel, social, cultural and unique content, Fly With Queenie is literally a one stop shop!!!!

-Iris Streater

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